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This game is really interesting the asthetic is amazing with the sounds and fragmented geometry i didn't looked for a walkthrough online so i kind of got stuck at the part where you are making a stair case of meshes, using bash only once in a while figuring out how to join this static world was already really fun in it self, just the moment where you finally get to dive with this agressive loading was hilariously good ! Keep dreaming   

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Sorry i didn't bother playing it through i though it was a simple run and gun the style is fairely good you can barelly notice the stock assets this games got a overall good ambiance its main drawback is the optimisation i am freezing like hell and the lags almost never stop, and a better player mechanic this is really stiff, the camera plays catch up with the mouse like a Lerp in a LateUpdate, same with the movments.

Again ambiance is on point, needs a bit more scripting.

PS: the menu music is fucking sweet link pls

Indeed this is good, i'd like to know on what engine this was made because of some cool details like the textures stretching from the Playstation, this is a neet little detail, i wonder how it was made