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Weird game, confusing time. I kept getting lost and hitting walls and generally not knowing where to go. Might just be me but I also felt like the recharge was a bit slow compared to how much we needed to use the dive and certain points of interest weren't too clear? If there's a full version or if you work on this more, I'd love to see it all though!

This was super cute and I loved it so much, it really deserves a sequel or at least just more chaos.

This was a wonderfully spooky time that kept me on the edge of my seat, waiting for thrills and chills! Well done to the dev(s) for really capturing the insanity that people latch onto when they're at their wits' end and giving us an all too horrific glimpse into the madness found in beauty that our minds can only comprehend when our eldritch horrors entreat us their grace.

Super cool game, nice music, fun puzzles, looking forward to a full release! Seriously, this caught my eye, I liked the mystery of the world, the puzzles were that right mix of tricky but not impossible and I really enjoyed exploring as much of the castle as we got to see!

I know there's a certain extent more of the castle that remains to be created, so I hope those are worked on and released soon! I know you all must have been aiming for the game jam but with a project this well developed, win or lose, I hope you continue to work on it and at least see it through to the end! (I lowkey hope you touch up the wall jump mechanic too)

This game was a blast! I loved it way too much and I've only played it once! 
It was really nice and sweet and cute and I adored it! The developers did an amazing job and I appreciate it immensely, well done everyone!

That was super freaking fun! I loved the story and I really can't wait to see more! I'm excited to see more stories like this I can have fun with!

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I'd appreciate that a lot, thank you so much! And it was my pleasure to play, though I haven't decided if I wanna go for another ending or not yet. I'll be sure to post if I drop another vid tho!

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Ngl, I don't like installer exe's, I prefer zip files. 
But, that one grievance aside, this was a pretty fun game, played nicely into tropes and was a decently refreshing taste of mentally ill humanity. Good job on a great experience. That one letter scrolled up too fast for me to read but it gave a good gist of the mentality from what I did catch. got a bad ending, probably the most basic one, but I'll consider looking for more, so keep an eye out! 

Ayy, it's no problem, I'm glad I could help!

Why thank you froggo, it was my pleasure to have done it!

A couple days on and off? Maybe 48 hours total or something, not super long, but my friends did have to deal with me nerding out over it for most of the week XD!

If you're still stuck on that puzzle or curious about the answer, please feel free to use this guide I wrote up!

This was a super cute game, and I had a lot of fun with it! It took a couple of tries and I think I burnt myself out on it, but it was still a blast!

Here's the Part 2, as promised, to fulfil the prophecy of cuteness!

This game was super adorable! We had a blast playing it and we'll be looking forward to more from the devs!

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At long last, the Finale is here! Witness the spectacle for yourselves!

Edit: Don't forget to check out this guide I worked on!

You cannot pick it up as a black item, you need to solve the puzzle to unseal it before it can be picked up! 

Here's a handy dandy guide if you think you need specific instructions!

Spooks and Thrills! Shivers and Trembles! Part 4 is out now for your entertainment!

I will touch on the fact that some people seem to think of the game as not scary enough or that deaths were insignificant, but remember, the version available currently is an unfinished version of chapter 1. I encourage those people to play the steam release when it comes out as I believe there will be a decent amount of differences, such as Achievements, Collectibles and Multiple Endings, so all those "pointless" deaths will finally be able to get their chilling resolutions treated properly!

Come one, come all, to Part 3 of my blind playthrough!

Also, be sure to check out this guide I worked on for anyone struggling!

Special thanks to the unofficial discord gang for giving me the heads up about some interesting tidbits I missed on my own! 

Wow, how organized and well ordered!

It's almost like you copy pasted from an unofficial full game guide Someone wrote up. 

Have fun and enjoy playing friends!

Ooh? Well, I'd certainly love to find out those locations and thanks for the heads up about the blue candle quest door.  
Please link me to this fan server and let's see what else there is to find together!

Part 2 of my blind playthrough is out now! Come check it out!

Also, be sure to check out this full game guide I worked on!

Ayo, thanks so much! It's my pleasure to help out! It was really fun replaying to write the guide and testing all sorts of stuff out!

Fingers crossed the devs notice, but in the meantime, I always appreciate people subbing to my channel!

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I'll be sure to add it!
Edit: Turns out, the Red Thread is more than optional, it's exclusive! If you have the Red Thread, you can't collect the Red Ribbon and vice versa!

I loved this game so much and I fucking adore it to death! I simply can't wait for Chapter 2 to come out, not to mention the steam release of this chapter! 
The character interactions, the music, the story and lore are all so amazing, I wish I could reward everyone who worked on this game properly!

I also may have lowkey gotten obsessed with the game and wrote a full game guide to help anyone who's lost or confused.
Be Wary of Puzzle Solution Spoilers if you use it!
I'm quite frankly in love and amazed at how well designed this game is!
I binge recorded my (mostly) blind playthrough of the entire chapter in a day, but it will take some time for the episodes to release. 

Like I said in my survey report, I loved the game but I think fast travel to cleared areas or finding safe ways back would be a spectacular addition. 

I also wanna brag that while writing the guide and replaying the ending sequence, I did it hitless! 

Make all the signs of a particular kind point towards each other until their location is revealed.

The final Daylight gate sign not being rotatable means make them all point towards it and the path will appear.

If you want a walkthrough, I'm still working on it, but hopefully it helps:


The only exceptions are the Secret signs that need to point to the intersections of both signs to create hidden pathways.

Here's part 2 cause Bonnie and I couldn't get enough!

I absolutely loved playing this game, it was super adorable and quirky and my cohost and I had a ton of fun trying to voice the characters!
Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! 

This was an adorable gem of a game that I thoroughly enjoyed playing. 
Not sure if I'll go back for another ending though, I think I like the one that I got!

First of all, to the creator of this game, respectfully, fuck you. 
Great work on the game tho, it threw me for a loop and really spooked me!
Hope you enjoy watching me not like scary things!

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This was a ton of fun to record with my friend and it was hella spoopy, ngl. The topics weren't too much for me but I could definitely feel the weight behind them.

Now this was a hella fun game, I had a blast playing it with my friend and we enjoyed having such a cute frog to interact with and have fun talking to.

Remember, this is just part 1, so keep an eye out for more, thanks!

This was really too fucking cute. It was truly enchanting to play and I am desperate for more games like it.

This game is so cute and adorable! At first... and then I finished the first half and oh boy... did it change.
I 100% loved this game, especially playing with my own Bonnie!

Nice and simple, cute and stylized, thematically coherent and all together wonderful.
I loved it!

It was my pleasure, thanks for making it

Wholesome and cute. This threw me back to conversations I've had with myself when I was younger and conversations I've had recently with people close to me. You did an excellent job and I appreciate the effort you put into it. Well done and keep up the good work!

Don't mention it, happy to be helpful.

Well, you made something playable. Not fun. Not very interesting.
To reiterate:
Needs visual changes (change the title screen,change the background color)
Needs audio changes (music too loud, lower the volume or include a volume adjustment system, can benefit from death noises)
Needs originality (this just looks like a bootleg geometry dash, make it unique. Characterize the square, add customizable backgrounds/music/maps. Maybe even give him a plot.)

Alright, this was adorable as hell and super cute. I love how you got the exact thing that cats would do and just threw in a small pinch of comedic flair to make it look so good!