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First of all, to the creator of this game, respectfully, fuck you. 
Great work on the game tho, it threw me for a loop and really spooked me!
Hope you enjoy watching me not like scary things!

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This was a ton of fun to record with my friend and it was hella spoopy, ngl. The topics weren't too much for me but I could definitely feel the weight behind them.

Now this was a hella fun game, I had a blast playing it with my friend and we enjoyed having such a cute frog to interact with and have fun talking to.

Remember, this is just part 1, so keep an eye out for more, thanks!

This was really too fucking cute. It was truly enchanting to play and I am desperate for more games like it.

This game is so cute and adorable! At first... and then I finished the first half and oh boy... did it change.
I 100% loved this game, especially playing with my own Bonnie!

Nice and simple, cute and stylized, thematically coherent and all together wonderful.
I loved it!

It was my pleasure, thanks for making it

Wholesome and cute. This threw me back to conversations I've had with myself when I was younger and conversations I've had recently with people close to me. You did an excellent job and I appreciate the effort you put into it. Well done and keep up the good work!

Don't mention it, happy to be helpful.

Well, you made something playable. Not fun. Not very interesting.
To reiterate:
Needs visual changes (change the title screen,change the background color)
Needs audio changes (music too loud, lower the volume or include a volume adjustment system, can benefit from death noises)
Needs originality (this just looks like a bootleg geometry dash, make it unique. Characterize the square, add customizable backgrounds/music/maps. Maybe even give him a plot.)

Alright, this was adorable as hell and super cute. I love how you got the exact thing that cats would do and just threw in a small pinch of comedic flair to make it look so good!

Finally, we're at the ending...
I'm pretty glad i found the True one!

Neat game, highkey liked it, just wished more people knew about it and you actually patched it so the rogue/girl/chaser on the right side respawned after killing you cause I had to keep restarting the game to retry, but after I got it, it was smooth sailing and I enjoyed figuring out the puzzle gimmicks.

Part 7 let's go!
And yep, this is a nice long game I'm enjoying!

And Part 6 too!

Part 5 even though I completely forgot to drop the link here! XD

Part 4 cause I love this game even though it made me wanna cry with fear

Well this was an fun, quirky game that I just adored to death and back. It wasn't too tedious, but for sure, i'd love more games with this premise and style!

Part 3 cause you all spook me with this game and it kills me inside

Final part for now, and I have to say, the game was amazing and I can't wait to see more of these characters!

Part 2 cause ofc I couldn't play all of this great game at once

Part 7 and job well done, or so I'd like to think!

Part 6, was a blast recording this!

I took my sweet time playing this game, but jeez, it was hella satisfying and yes, you got me with spooks, a lot!

Super cute, super fun. Called it on the reason why, but that's just how things go. Needs a proofreader to polish it up, but I'd play more games like this! Keep on having fun making games!

Part 5 and you know this game is too good for words!

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Well this was cute and fun!
Keep up the good work!

Part 4 and I am loving this!

Part 3, let's go!

Part 2 as requested by popular demand!

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I haven't played much of this game yet, I'm pacing myself. But goddamn, this is awesome!

Edit: My editor goofed and I had to reupload so I came to fix the link as well.

Now this game... I loved it, and it made me so hungry, I'm jealous of him.
Enjoy the meal!

Playing these games out of order apparently, but that's fine lol
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Well, this was unexpectedly dark and delectable.  Can't wait to see more!

And then I went looking for more endings XD

Third (Finale) VoD

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Second VoD

I played this game on stream a while back, I wonder how people think I did?

I didn't expect that level of tragic but man do I love it!

Found a couple more endings and secrets and I wanted to share them!