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Wind Waker

A member registered Apr 03, 2021

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I'd really like to  be able to start a brand new game, but I don't wanna lose out on the limited edition items from the chrisms event, nor do I want to go through the trouble of grinding the raids again. Could there maybe be a way to start a new game + file and keep those items?

Does the skull helmet given by Aiyana do anything?

Those recipes use gold bars, not gold ore. I'm asking what do I use the ore for?

I have a bunch of gold ore and I'm not sure what to use it for. Is there a way to craft it into gold bars?

It'd be nice to have an option to convert slaves that you sent to your sex dungeon into maids. I originally chose to have some of the slaves I purchased from the brothel to be sent into my sex dungeon but I'm now regretting that choice and wish I chose to have them become maids. I don't want to make a new save file for this however, so it'd be nice to have the option to convert them to maids later.

Also on a slightly related note, I think the game needs more ways to improve Brad's trust. He's at -50 for me rn lol

Just turn on government child support. Have the tax payers pay for them lol

Basically what the title says. How do these two stats work? What do they effect?

I'm at a loss on how I should be building the Vampire. How should I be playing her? Should I give her points into attack or magic attack?

Renryuu: Ascension community · Created a new topic Cooking?

I've been seeing a bunch of ingredients that say they can be used for cooking but I'm not sure how to actually cook.

I see, thanks for the response!

Can someone please explain how the passage of time works in this game? How long does it take to get more taxes, etc. and what causes time to pass?

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I tried moving the game folder to my desktop but that didn't work. How do I change folder permissions? (I'm on a mac btw)

EDIT: nvm, I figured it out, and it worked! So it was definitely a permissions thing.

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So I'm told theres supposed to be a .global file in the saves folder which allows the game to view the saves, or something like that, but I can't seem to find this file.

EDIT: Actually, the only file in my save folder is the config file. I don't think the game is even making any saves.

This new update sounds AWESOME! I'm super excited for it!

How do I get "We need to maintain a cool atmosphere in warm conditions, especially in Irina's room"

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Has anyone managed to find a way to run it on Mac? I've tried wine but it doesn't work and just says it "failed to execute script cef_main"

When I go to the save menu, select an empty save file, and click save, it doesn't save. The save file still shows as empty.

It would be cool if we could have multiple girls selected as alarm clocks, and then each day a random one would wake us up.