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VR version coming?

Ya, was thinking that also when I saw the create date. Just haven't seen any others with Aspen type trees / woods

Any plans of porting this to VR?


Ok, since response from Dev is pretty much non-existent and others are not explaining things. 

People are asking the same questions back to back .

Let's set the record straight so many don't waste their time as many already have. 

The nude patch only works on PC version. There is not a designated Quest standalone patch.

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So the end result is, Patch 1.2 is only for PC version and no roadmap to make a Quest 2 version? Sad, because since Quest 2 is available, it's better hardware to handle an upgrade in graphics if the Together dev had their $hit together to release a enhanced version. Considering how much they charged.

Don't know.. but seems like it. He just dropped it and no communication.

A suggestion..: An easy addon to help with emersion. When patrol vehicle Docks, instead of just going dark, why not have the ship elevator down then fading to dark. I say this, because it kind of breaks the emersion fading on the rooftop and you magically apear in Rooms in location.

Understand, but very sad to hear the efforts in VR will diminish. It is the future..

SAD  :-(  

.... RIP

Thanks for responding. yes, tried a few of them. Seems the Hologram scans are most realistic

What does Dress up system mean? There's no other menus .. 

Please explain.

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How does a person know what version they have? Where to see version number? I downloaded and installed the top DLC patch per instructions..  Confused.. It shows this being July date. But I saw there Was a August update. Where to get it?

Updated Aug 03, 2020

Developer Not very organized..

Don't see any Dress up menu options.

So bottom line, what is the latest available version? Where to get nude patch?

I thought this was the best / only thing going for Holodexx.. Hasn't been updated since Feb/ 2020

Low-Fi one of my favorites. Looking forward to more enhanced adventures in future. 

A suggestions, It's hard to understand the Police Robots in Police Station. Example, the Window to pick up weapon. I get the Nostalgic synthesized voice, but if you can't understand it, defeats purpose. Remove synthetic part by 1/3 or 1/2.



Is this not VR supported like the others?

I wish there were similar music added. Love the music, but need a variety after 20min.. Where's the new release? This has so much potential ..

/I would pay more for a polished version

One important request. Please update revision numbers in file names. Also, is there a differential download (patch) of only changed/updated files? That would be much smaller.

Could you PLEASE incorporate other emulators into this? Meaning , this is limited to NES, right? I would love to have MAME, Atari, Etc.. This would sell ;-)

This is great!! Couldnt figure out how to get through the huge steel doors in the Cave.. You really should continue on this. 

This is a beautiful game.. I really like it.  

1.) It has controller movement issues using Quest controllers.

2.) I can't bring up any type of menu in the game. Non of the buttons activate a menu.

3.) Got 1 sphere on my hand , but couldn't figure out how to get into cellar 2nd doors. I turned power latch but it wouldnt turn back and could not go behind the mainframes.

Please continue work on this... It has so much potential.