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Hi so after 60 days of not playing the game I dive back in to the game and finish my first run.

So still some probleme but the progression is much more nice. I have found 3 unbeatable enemy deck (one robot copy of your card each time you play a followers, one with only charge and first strike and one beast who destroy your deck each turn they play).

Edit: I just have a strange bug where the ia freeze and dont play any card. I just have to restart a new game.

The game whas good but now you cannot passe the second lvl.

- ennemy have construct deck, you have not a construct deck just a pile of random card and if your a lucky some are good.

-Your money food and hope are constantly drain by random event.

-leveling are a pill of bullshit paying for level up in a game you are constantly in a fight for your live not a good idea. 

I love this game but the evolution is really worrisome to much RNG you need to have more control on your deck.

PS: sorry for the bad english love from france