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trans? It's a trans main character?

"*shakes fist* GENDER!!!!"

this game is amzing

Very very wholsome game, the art is just my cup of tea, thank you so much :)

As a transbian I approve this message

This game is great absolutly fantastic and so well made. when I first opend it up Ihave to say the art style, though absolutly fantastic, made me thing it was gonna be really jank. liek it's a really goodart style don't get me wrong, it just reminds me of old crappy arcade games that have shit controles andlike .8 seonds of input delay. really strange vibe , I wanna make a halloween costue of the MC kinda lol it's really great thank you

"I'M GAY I'M GAY I'M GAY I'M GAY I'M GAY I'M GAY I'M GAY I'M GAY " me too me too

Hi I played this fantastic game but I have one problem; HOW THE FUCK DO YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT HAPPEND TO ME. This game litrally happend to me irl like my dad locked me out of my pc he faslite me this whole story actually happend to me I figured out I was trans while apart of a community for a tv show like really. Thank you so much for making this thank you