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Now this? We need more of this. I’ve seen a ton of PS1-style horror games, and that’s fine and all, but for me the nostalgia truly comes from the 64. I would love to see more horror experiences in this style!

No problem, I understand! It’s just a little sad.

I am NOT the best fit for this role, but let’s give it a shot.

I try to download for mobile, but it doesn’t think it’s a zip???

Are you ok?

Wow... Kinda lame, really. I mean, I was kind of excited, y'know? But... I guess that's it??? I was hoping for a real game, or at least something beyond Flowey. I mean, it's a cool idea! You just kind of... didn't do anything, though. Meh.

Wow. Just... Wow. I only got to see a little bit, but I was floored. And it's on mobile?! I will DEFINITELY be waiting for a full demo, then a full game (as long as it's free). Keep working, and I'll be waiting!