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I think Calico Jack uses the Jack Sparrow model. There's no Black Pearl because it is a historical mod, but there is the Flying Dutchman

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Its so ez. Unzip the files, drop the config.exe and all the other files/folders from the mod into the direct x 64 bit folder from the engine zip and run the maelstrom exe 

Ha, hopefully the delayed response click will solve my personal issue of spamming click when Im firing a broadside and accidentally accept their payoff proposals only to be firing on them and ruining my rep

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Good evening, lately in a new playthough, it seems the map ai is highly aggressive, persuiting me with mere schooners only to immediately flee when the battle starts. Even when having overwhelming odds, the ai flees. Earlier this evening my lowly class 4 began combat with an English squadron of 2 class 3 and 1 class 4, only for them to immediately break formation to flee. Is it possible to make the ai more aggressive in combat?  Im a rank 7 on corsair difficulty