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Yeah, they are free to use :P

Love it!

Finally, an iconpack with Poop! :P

I would prolly think your tilsets looked amazing :P 

But I would also not personally be comfortable setting a price on something I didn't feel was worth it/up to my standards. So fair enough :P 

I did have a price on something once, but I felt bad and gave the money back xD  

Also, just noticed I bought your icons on a sale....That means I can buy another! As I was already willing to buy it for full price ''nods'' yes, that's how that works :P 

Love the style. I feel like too many sell their stuff for too much, but honestly...I feel like this is underpriced :P 

Will keep you in mind if I ever need some work done.

Just out of curiosity, are you working on anything atm? Or have any plans to expand? Tilsets? Characters?

Nope, sorry. But if you find an item pack that looks somewhat similar in style then you can just recolor both packs with the same color palette and they will match better. It's difficult to find someone who has made everything in the same style unfortunately, at least free stuff.

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I just got a notice from someone a week ago saying he had used some of my assets for his game, and that was pretty cool. And I thought,  there are prolly many that don't tell others (I prolly wouldn't think to do that). 

Would be cool to have a section when creating a project where you could enter the names you are crediting as tags (or something similar) and have a search function to find them. I realize people can technically do that now but as we are limited to 10 tags, no one will :P

As someone who makes assets, I think it would be pretty cool to find and play games that have used my stuff. 

Just an idea, not sure if its practical or wanted :P

Sweet, glad someone can find some use for it :P

I double checked and they are all 48x48. 

RPG Maker MV and MZ has most functions built in compared to other similar programs and it uses 48x48 tile grid by default. You can change it with plugins or code it yourself is needed though.

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Clearly, there is only one word that is appropriate to describe this beautiful art... And that word is Amazeballs! 

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Decided to make it free. Everyone that bought it will get their money refunded.

Cool, your game looks awesome :P


Nothing but what you see/download. I make these for RPG maker so none of that is needed (usually)

That's interesting... That was certainly not intentional if true. I have played a lot of wow (alltho, mostly only the first three expansions) so maybe the designs linger in my mind somewhere. Warcraft does have a lot of cool weapons afterall :)

Sure, had no idea they could even be used for that tbh =) 


Its free to use commercial and non-commercial


They look ok, its more about the technical stuff of the program. I have never used anything like it before :P
These were made literally the day after i got it.

i only posted these because there seems to be a lack of animations available compared to other assets.

And if others are like me, then they get sick of the rpgmaker animations after a while.
Tnx for the tip, didnt think of that :P

BlastFX community · Created a new topic Terms of Use?

Maybe im just blind but i cant seem to find them. I dont intend to make money or anything, just thought id share some of the sprites i created.