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I redid the old packs, they are all Retromon now :P

Nice, can't wait to try it some day. Will be interesting to see what names, stats etc you give them :P

Cheers, working on more :P

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Yes, currently working on a Small Orb and a Spider-like shape :P

Create-A-Monster Kit: Slime Edition by Willibab (

Choose between 165 parts to create your very own slime, front and back sprites!

Just a suggestion but making monsters like that might be an option too, although monster capture games are fairly niche (Even though its what I personally prefer) sideview enemies with animations would most likely be the best bet as they can be used in classical FF like games and sideview scroller type games like Mario/Castlevania etc.

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People who make indie games usually want everything in their game to look as similar in style as possible, so a pack with general icons would be great imo. You can look up RPG Maker icon sheet to see the usual stuff people want. Basically more misc stuff :P The people who sell the most assets seems to be the ones who have the full package (icons, tilesets, characters etc..) so a developer can make an entire game with it. This is ofc a large undertaking but it seems to work for them as far as I can see.

I was about to add that maybe the misc pack should be free in order to attract people to your profile, but you already made a free tileset pack I see. Having free packs works great, I have a shitty weapon pack with like 30k downloads, people love free stuff xD

Also, holy shit you made Coromons? That's sick dude :P  Those sprites look amazing!

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Difficult to explain... I suppose its that they are very detailed in the shading so it makes it difficult for amateurs like me to re-color them to fit other stuff. Doing it the other way around (applying your shading and color palette to other stuff) is even more difficult :P I have no idea if this is an issue for others though, I suppose I just want consistency throughout my game but I am not at your level :P

Yup, go for it :P

Made these and a ton more for a monster capture game, these are in my free sample pack available here: Retro Pixel Monsters - Sample Pack by Willibab (

Retro Pixel Monsters - Sample Pack by Willibab (

Made for monster taming games, but can also be used as regular enemies.

These are from my free sample pack, I also have 4 paid packs available with a lot more creatures then the sample pack.

Thanks, I will be working on beefing up the packs now so keep an eye out :P

I concur! People need to see what they are buying :P

Working on the third, any wishes for monsters? I can't guarantee it's gonna be just like you want it but it will be something in the vicinity hopefully :P

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Thanks, I have at least 2 more packs planned out (Just need to make the backsprites for them) but hoping to end up with at least 150is creatures.

Understandable. I will most likely make my own sprites but I really like your sprites too. As someone who does not know the work involved, I am really hoping for abilities too, its my favorite feature in Pokemon games. But it seems like a lot of work xD

Any plans for backsprites?

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Well I can confirm that it does not work with MZ (FOSSIL). Just in case someone else wanted to take that chance :P Worth a shot xD

Ahh ok, that's fair.  Just wondering :P

This almost drove me nuts xD I added skills by traits to test but the skills have to be learned by the class in the ''Learnable Skills'' section they dont show up in the list :p

Hey, have you tested this with Project FOSSIL by any chance? (A plugin that makes MV plugins work for MZ)

THis is the only plugin I can find that works with all my other plugins. It's almost perfect for me. 

If only we could adjust the number text without changing all the other system colors :3 

I not a fan of effekseer effects, but that's mostly due to the default ones as well as many fanmade ones being too...flashy and over the top.  And often have images in them that looks like 2d anyway which is jarring. Yours feel more like the FF remastered effects which I personally prefer :P

Some of the animations work but these animations are just black.

Earth 1, Earth 2, Earth All, Fire 1, Fire 2, Fire All, Ice 2, Light 1, Light 2, Light All, Shadow 1, Shadow 2, Shadow All, Thunder 1.

I see this has been an issue with the astrology pack as well, seems like you're having a lot of issues uploading these huh?:P

Put the folder right into effects just like Essentials (Which works 100%). Made sure MZ is updated (1.6). Tried to press play anyway. 

I can ofc make them with the pre rendered images but I thought you should know :P

I think this is the highest quality assets I have come across so far. They seem like they're straight out of a FF game, like 5 or 6.

Can't wait to see what the next theme will be, if you decide to make more ofc. It will be an instant buy from me at least :P

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Only reason I didn't end up using your weapon pack in the past is due to how unique the items felt, thus didn't blend well with other stuff I had. But deffo using them now :P Great job! 

Yeah, they are free to use :P

Love it!

Finally, an iconpack with Poop! :P

I would prolly think your tilsets looked amazing :P 

But I would also not personally be comfortable setting a price on something I didn't feel was worth it/up to my standards. So fair enough :P 

I did have a price on something once, but I felt bad and gave the money back xD  

Also, just noticed I bought your icons on a sale....That means I can buy another! As I was already willing to buy it for full price ''nods'' yes, that's how that works :P 

Love the style. I feel like too many sell their stuff for too much, but honestly...I feel like this is underpriced :P 

Will keep you in mind if I ever need some work done.

Just out of curiosity, are you working on anything atm? Or have any plans to expand? Tilsets? Characters?

Nope, sorry. But if you find an item pack that looks somewhat similar in style then you can just recolor both packs with the same color palette and they will match better. It's difficult to find someone who has made everything in the same style unfortunately, at least free stuff.

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I just got a notice from someone a week ago saying he had used some of my assets for his game, and that was pretty cool. And I thought,  there are prolly many that don't tell others (I prolly wouldn't think to do that). 

Would be cool to have a section when creating a project where you could enter the names you are crediting as tags (or something similar) and have a search function to find them. I realize people can technically do that now but as we are limited to 10 tags, no one will :P

As someone who makes assets, I think it would be pretty cool to find and play games that have used my stuff. 

Just an idea, not sure if its practical or wanted :P

Sweet, glad someone can find some use for it :P

I double checked and they are all 48x48. 

RPG Maker MV and MZ has most functions built in compared to other similar programs and it uses 48x48 tile grid by default. You can change it with plugins or code it yourself is needed though.

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Clearly, there is only one word that is appropriate to describe this beautiful art... And that word is Amazeballs! 

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Decided to make it free. Everyone that bought it will get their money refunded.

Cool, your game looks awesome :P