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As a RPG fan fan I'm really glad a RPG fan can appreciate our work :)

Thank you so much.

Thanks :)

I'm not being able to open the video :/

But I think you were pretty clear in your first comment. Can you please tell me if in any momment an ending scene showed up?

Ok, so what was meant to happen is "once the timer reaches zero the "bad ending" should be triggered meaning the end of the game". Which is pretty much the cat saying "goodbye" and the "bad ending scene". So you got stuck in an endless text loop and before had an error message. Ok, that helps.

I'm making an update to the game this weekend, but sure to check it out :)

thanks again.

Everytime you have all the notes a little "max" text will show up. I guess that wouldn't be a spoiler.

Hey thanks for letting us know. :)

Running out of time should trigger the bad ending in both first and second map. Can you give me more details about what happened?

I'm making some changes based on the feedback we got so far. Thanks for helping us improve :)

:D I couldn't ask for better feedback. The responsibles for art and music are incredible artists, working with them was a fantastic experience, but I get that the gameplay might not be that good and that's on me. hehe...

It was our first game and we really wanted to see what we could do. I don't pretend to make many changes in it since our goal was mainly release it in time, but some extra checkpoints and making the game a bit easier is something I might just do.

Nothing beat these messages, though. Our joy in making this is tremendous.

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We got that from most people that tried it. I like the slow pace experience and I wanted to do something more simple and relaxing... idk 

But really, thanks. :) These comments are making my day.

The file size was absolutely my fault, I had a hard time optimizing the game since most of it I learned to do as I went through.

But really, thanks :D The feedback is great and I'm really glad people enjoyed it

hey, what up. Me and my bf are looking for a composer to join our first project.

We’re are developing on gamemaker and just start taking part of a game jam.

If you’re interested hit me on Discord. WilliamSalt#1909 maybe you’ll like what we’re working on.