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William Mabin

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Thanks. Yeah we have a few things to fix for sure.

Thanks. We have some work to do, but I think this is a good starting point :D

AMAZING visuals! It was a bit difficult to get all the cargo though...

Awesome concept. A bit ambitious. The collapsing floor panels could fall more gradually, giving the player the chance to move before they fall. I got stuck on the second area/ mini-game.

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Fun premise with a nice crafting mechanic. Zombie variations and sound effects as well as maybe a score system would be awesome. I did also land up on top of the zombies once or twice.

Thanks 🐱‍👤 Oh definitely something I want to fix along with some of the enemy bugs and tagging issues.

I should probably add that WASD is move, F is shoot, space is jump and you can hold shift to run. 

This could be developed into a full game I'm sure.