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So 7-Zip did not work for me you should try win-zip 

Here's a link to win-zip:

I just tried win zip and that worked. Thank you for your help!

Ok I will try some other program and see if that works

Hi I have 7-zip and I have done it many times before but when I do right click I don't have the extract option. Do you know what the problem is?

Hi so I just downloaded the game and it downloads as a .rar file and it might be right idk. Either way I don't know how to open the game.

Yeah I guessed that's what it did but I am pretty sure I had a .png file in my pictures folder but I am not sure

It's a cool game and it ofc got my name right but the picture was a blanc paper. I am also watching a video of the game right now and she also got a blanc paper, but a couple of days ago I watched someone play this and she got one of her pictures so ye you need to do some work on the picture thing. (and yes I do have pictures on my pc)