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I double took look at what you typed and
saw "jumps care" it pricked my human chuckle nerves
No disrespect as I am great at autocorrect failures and mistypings but got me thinking of how jumpscares could be warped logic to jumpsCares! ORRR!!! Wait!!!! Maybe they have been jumpsCARES the whole time! *thoughtguts blow into the air like mindblowing confetti*
These horror devs dooooo love us and only scaring us with love!!! 

Always with a Vidas game, you get..

Rad AF music, interesting story/atmosphere and some good scares/chills with a good screen grabber.

And Sorrow Asylum 2 was just as good, if not better, then the first.

It brings back the characters we grew to love in the first one, the Doc and Lara

Also, we get to meet Dalu, who I still think to this day, is a dick.

It looked good, I enjoyed the asylum's look and the environment, it had small things that reminded me of the first one and kept compering to "Old Days" of my first asylum adventure.

Enjoyed seeing the character from the first and trying to mental piece together the two games and what was going on, wit the usual aftergame thought and red string theories.

It got me good with some scares and chills as things can quickly go from looping horror casual hall way fetch to sudden all hell breaking loose and panic.

So far, always enjoyed my visits to the asylum and would say, there is space for you also! Always looking for more under the bed friends!

Great Job Vidas!

A very interesting game.

I would consume all the flesh and keep my bug friends

Fascinating and unsettling but very enjoyable!

Just a lot of things I liked about this, I always enjoy weird body stuff, cannibalism and the unknown, trying to piece it together.

Good Job ToothAndClaw!

As expected, KenForest delivers another interesting idea/game!

While I have already beaten the game, I have gone back to mess around.

The more I played, the more I found out how to use the pictures which fascinated me.

Leaving it open to so many different ways to achieve the same goal.

Kept looking for secrets and found a few ways to cheese the photograph system for... if I found any distant secrets but! Did bug out and had to replay through haha!

Operation Moonbridge crashed but it's fine!

While the game said 10-15 minutes and I can see how that can be done, it's easy to just get interested messing around, taking your time, take the less pictured path and have fun.

Great Job KenForest!

Fun, pretty chill horror experience

Had a interesting story that started to become reveled as you played.

Enjoyed learning about the cult and what it was doing.

Wasn't too terrifying but gave me chills here and there.

The ambiance I think got to me the most.

Got both ending and all 5 figurines.

Curious if the cookie clicker game would yield anything new but didn't stick around long enough to try. 

Good Job Buschey!

Man In The Park 2! The Purrfect Sequel!

We got jumpscares! Silly story line! The "Evil" Man which looks pretty good! Love their red suit!

New universes! Puns! Because puns are rad af!

And moldy chocolate!

It was silly, got me with some jumpscares, took directions I didn't expect and had some jokes from the first one.

Got all the endings and had fun while doing it!

So... Man In The Park 3??? haha!

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Fun little horror game!

Got both endings... survived and died!

It was fun going through, putting the story together and meeting the creature.

The damn body got me each time!

Good Job Mik!

AH! Such a great set of games! Each with their own distinct flavor, story, creepiness and feel of play!

"Splitscreen," like I said in my first playthrough of Erobos Heaven, we arent friends anymore anOtherthinker! (joking) Because it was really getting to me! Been wanting to play a game like this for a long while! Really creepy, intense with the stealth, loved the backstory of the creepy rumor house, which I will lick the skins when I find them and make all the sounds!!!The split between cam and reality was so fun and unsettling!

"Just A Peep" was creepy in itself, the weirdness of peeping on others until you get peeped back! Enjoyed the style and the ending twist to the story about the world you live in.

"Intermission" can be intense as you try to pick the right moves at the speed of slow! I'll admit, I failed it a lot due to me on brainmeat blunders! But the style was awesome! The creature, Watcher, I really enjoyed them!

"I Think I Hit Something" gave me definitely the vibes of, just go and dont check what you hit with your car haha, the style was fun and the suspense build with some of the mechanics were enjoyable! Loved the character model!  

"Don't Look Up" Chill, insightful listening to the character chatting with themselves as you pass the faceless people, then chaos! It hits a different creep brainvein

"Repeat.Repeat.Compulsion" Was a different, imaginative experinece where you are left with quick choices and whatever you mind can form into your thoughtguts as you hear the panic and the entity coming for the character. Which, you learn the true monster, will admit, I repeated multiple times, like, embarrassing amount of times haha It's a fun one to watch other's play to see how they response and describe it.

"A Sheep's Gun" This one fascinated me, blasting through the entities but then that ending, I wanted to know so much more about that world, what happened, came in feeling like a bodycam horror cop house check to a fun supernatural event!

Great collection of games anOtherthinker and very well done!

Short for silliness!
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Convenience store horror games are drawing me in like a found footage moth to lights!

Next Shift!

I had fun! Sure, its got some bugs but for a first completed horror game by ShatteredGames, I liked it and with some more added and cleaned up, it will be a even more rad, fun experience and spooky experience!

The damn beast hit me with a jumpscare but next play, broke them game and snuck up on it!

Got both endings also!

I enjoyed the sliding NPCs haha! I know its noted in the description but there is a certain charm these kind of games have with them that warm my humanbloodchestpump organ! And fun to see them grow!

Had fun ShatteredGames and keep crafting nightmares!

Note: Unsure what version of the game I recorded in case there was any updates after my playthrough.

Silly short to go with it!

I really liked this one!

The idea starting off to me was a little silly, go get the money from the house...building place!

But inside, I found a cult I want to know more about, a lot of fun joking around, scares that got me really good and as usual, a cult that I cannot join and pet their doggos!

Had a great time playing! Great Job Steamvoy!

I loved the idea of the role reversal where trees cut down humans!

But with that, it gets me thinking some and how creepy that idea is!

While the game is really short, easy to beat, for me, it still had a weird, unsettling, cheery(due to the music) feel.

Would enjoy seeing more added to this and becoming more... fleshed out!

Great Job AppleTheCode!

I really like this one!

The story was interesting and loved how it progressed.

Kept waiting for some crazy jumpscare but instead, it hit with an unsettling check yes or no of normal/abnormal as your new friend just stares at you... menacingly! 

It provided some creepy chills and then finding out more about what the prototype is was terrifying and intriguing!

Building on the feeling of the unknown as your progress through tones and choices.

Great Job RainSlice!

I enjoyed this experience from beginning to end!

I like the word ROT so... I check this out!

What a interesting short horror experience. 

I never seen the short film it was based on but it is on my to-do list.

Did give me some chills here and there.

Am interested in the story and was trying to piece together the events of what the character was going through or did go through.

I enjoyed going through it.

Should have just stayed in the car though...

A fun, silly horror game!

Had a enjoyable time playing, failed to float through the kitchen though!

This kid is more brave then me.

It did give me a little creeps here and there also a little bit on the expecting something to be behind the door feeling.

My parents may be gone but my Keludo will always be there for me!

Good Job Simvlz!

This game reminded me some of Silent Hill 4: The Room,

Takes place completely in this character's apartment, besides one scene,

The story I found interesting and tried to piece it together with my own weird logic,

Still won't come into work! F that! It's my day off!

Got both endings!

I enjoyed the little scares, they got me pretty good! 

And I liked the slow decay of the apartment and thought it played with the characters mental state.

Interesting little game and felt like a old PS game.

Good Job McSteeg!

Yes! Love me some SCP stuff even though I do not know much about them! 

Walked in with barley any knowledge of SCP-096, so at the end, I read the file aloud.

As said, it is more of a walking and finding things/events, but still pretty creepy atmosphere with the sounds and got me quite a few times!

Why did you call my out with the radio!?!
I was excited it was the same song from the Roach Apartment haha!

Great Job Again Kyle Kirley

A fun little horror game were I got to meet Mothman and not get paid enough to do this job!
I got me a few times! Had fun playing and messing around.
That jumpscare though!
Got me even after messing with it and joking!
Good Job sSatoru!

So, haha, Fear Creek!


I, personally, had a hell of a time playing.

As normal, walked into it blind as always, so brute forced my way through the pain.

From getting stuck to the couch vortex multiple times

The motion blurring killing my brain and nausea nerves, which the blur got to me the most and no option to remove so once it took effect on me I had those feelings of a killer headache and nausea the rest of the play through and long after.

Having to redo it over and over again with other issues because I didn't realize my character is willing to blind shoot a person behind the door but not when being rushed and panick fire...

And... only for my "Uncle" to give me the silent treatment from hell when I would forget to close the game completely when I was murdered....

So, those combo of things killed my experience.


Got damn good throwing dishes in the sink!

Okay! Joking aside!

I may have had a terrible experience but this is a pretty good game in my opinion. 

It feels in the same vein as "Fears To Fathom" series, particularly the first one that was pretty short.

So, if you like those games, you might like this one!

Fear Creek looks good and well put together environmentally.

While I'm confused about why my parents left me with an uncle I never seen before, it does open the mind of thinking if this is a doppelgänger situation? Body snatcher? Analog Horror clone stuffs? Or the kid is just dumb and lets anyone in who waves and says their their...their? their... uncle? haha

The situation was scary to think about, home invasion horror always strikes a special nerve, definitely when you think its someone you trust or looks like your uncle but just wearing there skin suit?

So, it did have some creepy vibes once things got started.

Bedroom scene, intense and see where that would make a heart beat faster!

Sneaking through to escape was nerve wracking also!

In the beginning, I did have fun! I was invested, ready for creeps and chills and I was able to get those to return when I made progress.
Did have to step away for 24hrs and return but I was invested enough to find out what happened and I knew I could beat it!

So, Fear Creek, despite my experience, is good for others and I would be willing to try chapter two!

Since playing, I have watched others and they all seemed to have a good time!

haha okay! I was wondering about that radio!
As soon as I turned it on, nope'd out of that and figured I would wait until later if needed! Thought about doing a bit of just listening to it for a while and seeing if anything would come up or a event would happen but forgot too!
Got to say again! Loved the live action abandoned videos! When they are under the "creepy" genre, its always a draw! 

For a first project, not too bad!

I enjoyed playing, found a issue with the employee and my permanent merging to become stuck together for eternity!

I enjoy finding small breaks and silly things.

Otherwise, it had have some creepy elements, I think the ambience in the other dimension was unsettling.

I enjoyed the look of it.

I don't want to spoil too much so my thoughts are at the end!

But not too bad and look forward to see what you come up with next OllieNoseWorthy! Good Job!

I love this game jam!
When I saw this title, had to check it out!
Enjoyed how silly it was, easy to play.
Was working to that high score and then found the note for the high scores.

Good Job Dubscr!

No problem! Had a... great time! haha! Seriously though, was fun and got to me pretty good! Look forward to your next project!

I had fun with this one, was sold to play once I saw the creepy found footage abandoned building looking video!

Had some creepy moments to it! Enjoyed how things started to increase as you played due to the time, from nothing to creepy whispers.

I liked the tapes! I'm a sucker for found footage and abandoned building exploration tapes!

Had trouble using the VCR and got murrrderrred because the character was too concerned with rewinding the tapes vs being alive but thats fine!

The puzzles where interesting, not too hard and enough to keep you busy as it draws closer to 3am.

Still want to know about the ritual circle and why I cannot just help them! Even offered to set up a surprise party for them!

Was there anything to the radio or was it just for the chills?

In the end! Had an enjoyable time!

Good Job Alex X!

Very silly short version! If that is your thing!
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Yup... still "hate" underwater based horror games!

*Note: Possible spoilers.*
*Note Note: Underwater horror gets to me the most*

With that said, DoC did great at making feel anxious and uncomfortable.

It went from claustrophobia feeling tunnels to open rooms, dark with anything your mind could be left to fill in what will murder you floating in the void... Bucket

So, about anything floating out of the view of my light was usually enough to give me a startle until you come into contact with what lurks down there.

Had fun playing though!

And haha, finding that damn wheel switch I needed to progress, found it by chance.

Otherwise, great job at making me uncomfortable with your first game Alx Frsh

Another amazing game by Vidas!

I can always count on a few things with playing their games!
Creepy atmosphere, certain type of scare that will always get me haha, rad af music and awesome voice acting!

Which Sorrow Asylum did a great job tapping my creeperchills human nerves with ice pick over and over again!

The story was interesting and enjoying seeing how things played out, counting down the days, which I enjoy sitting and thinking about after I finished playing.

The voice acting was great and adds extra flavor to the experience.

Doubtful if I have my under the bed friend still...

Great Job Vidas!

A very interesting game and had to remember at some point...
This was just a simulation!
Had a creepy atmosphere that kept me on the paranoid side and messing with the machine was unsettling!
Great Job Future Reality Softworks!
Couldn't have made it through with out my friend, goofy ceiling shark!

Pretty good little horror experience for being made in one day!
Always like a little home invasion horror, the style I enjoyed very much.
Was creepy in the vein of thinking about it afterwards and what happened.
Another good one by Sir Tartarus!

The colors and style might get to me if this was a long game but I loved this.
I loved the style, very interesting, really liked the interaction effects haha could flip a switch for hours, always enjoy a good home invasion setting.
It was unsettling but let me feel like I could be silly at times.
Definitely a unique, short horror experience to try!
Great job Tenkaiyo!

Very well done!
Looked really good and detailed, was interested in trying to solve what happened each run through so I got invested in the story, always enjoy some voice acting, got me a few times with some scares and it did give me chills time to time.


It was silly but had a fun time playing!
Never tried the shake but now I know how to properly drink it!

Consider it reviewed at the time in which it is release on the future format stated in the about news post constructed with characters in which are arranged in a way that I understood while using my eyes to send the data to my brain process into understandable information to for a cognitive response to this message that I am typing right now using a simple keyboard!

If you want some silliness for your scrolling pleasure!

Had fun playing this one! It did get me a few times with some major startles!
I always enjoy doing some silliness in horror games when I can find small issues! (Got stuck a few times)

So, stop on by and see me get stuck on the "Other Side!"

Good Job Apish Game Box!

Now! Behold! This is a let's play, of this nightmare fuel of a game, to check out!

This made me chuckle, was posting and was like...
"Whats going on in this comment???"

This game was one of the scariest games I have played to this day!
I have played all the Outlasts, Alien ISO, Amnesia, Phasmo with the lights off and so many other horror games!
But nothing squeezed my human fear glands like Death Trips!
All though its a short experiance, it punches your brain's memory cells with new nightmares for your net slumber!

Great Job Forameuss

What a ride! Followed the instructions as much as possible!
It seriously hit me with chills and hot/cold sweats!
Had a great time playing! Some of the sounds where an assault on my human ear organs but I chuck it up to the experience.
The images were definitely unsettling at times, combined with the music/sounds.
Not too often a game makes me a little paranoid and want to turn the lights back on, then again... I was welcoming it, peering into the darkness to try to make my brainmeat see things, wanted to be as into it as possible!
Great job Alexander Wiseman!

PS: I got the Plus version so I am unsure how much different that version is from the regular one. Posting this on both versions.