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The JSON/atlas files are generated in Animate for game engines like Phaser!

Are you running any adblockers/extensions? Maybe they're interfering. You can also play at!

Send an email to!

Thanks! I’m currently working on the successor to this game with co-op multiplayer added!

Press F (default)!

The Windows download includes both 32-bit and 64-bit versions!


You can play in browser!

Are you still having issues?

Which server are you seeing this issue?

Is it possible your network is blocking access to the account server?

You can test it by visiting this URL:

Yes, there are .fla files included!

Are you using any sort of proxy/VPN?

No, Steam is not required to login to DS3!

Hey do you mean you cannot login to your Deadswitch 3 account?

Working on getting a China server online! :)

Hey, this issue has been fixed. :)

Definitely a false positive, you can report it to your AV. You can also play in your browser!

For Linux, try launching the game from the Itch Launcher!

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Thanks! :)

Yes, all assets are free to use!

Hey, this issue should now be fixed! 

You can install the Linux version on your Chromebook!

Thanks! It's HTML5 (Javascript), and I used the Phaser CE game engine.

Thanks for the comments! :)

The 32-bit version is recommended, even for 64-bit machines.

Make sure you run the proper file (windows-x32 or windows-x64) for your version of Windows.

If you're still having issues send me an email or message me on Discord!

That's right! :)

Ninja will reduce Throwing Knife damage, so unless you have full health before being hit you will still be killed!

Multiplayer is available for all versions of the game!

Should be released on Steam soon!

No problem, thanks for the support! :)

It's not a Flash game!


You can play the free version in browser!

Yes, I want to release a mobile version in the future!

Yes, I plan to release on Steam in the future!

Send me an email at!

The Mac version is only compatible with 64 bit versions! Are you using a 32 bit version?

For sure! Once it's released on Steam, anyone who has purchased it here will get the keys!