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I'll be looking forward to it!

Excellent ambience, sound design, and visuals in this one. Great job, and thanks for sharing it with us!

Mine broom was so powerful that not even Pope Skeletor know what hit him. Nice work on this one, bro! Was quite a bit of fun. You improve each and every game.

Very nice! You've been consistently impressive, and this game's no exception. The puzzle elements I thought were cool, reminding me of some of my other favorites. Some bits threw me, but recalling back to you contemplating adding more endings, those ended up making sense. Thanks for sharing this with us!

It really baffles me how this game seems to have gotten no attention yet. There are a few little bugs, but overall the atmosphere, artistry, and ambience is excellent. Definitely had me unnerved more than once. Thanks for sharing this with us!

Outstanding game! Very nice concept. I started out intrigued, and ended fascinated. Thanks for sharing this gem with us! And I'm definitely on-board with hoping there's more of it in the future.

Anyone who asks for "Yes please, more Animal Crossing horror!" Needs to go no further than this. And... if I was the only one asking that, then my next question is "What's wrong with the world?" Thanks for sharing this with us! And superb work.

Excellent as always! You really have a knack for cinematic horror games. Thanks for sharing this with us!

Merry Christmas!

This was an outstanding Christmas Horror experience! The mechanics were well-presented, the horror capable of creeping up on you, and the atmosphere undeniable. Thank you for sharing this with us!

Nigel Abercrombie is a true Scottish(?) hero. Undoubtedly do I feel so much more relaxed and sure of myself and the world around me after playing. Thanks for sharing this with us!

A nice proof of concept. Good atmosphere, and with a lot of potential. Thanks for sharing this with us!

Always really nice to see your name pop up with a new game. You really do have a way with making engaging core gameplay loops. Thanks for sharing this with us, as always!

Nice little horror game. The background ambience was nice from a sound design standpoint. Thanks for sharing this with us!

Very nice game! The slow build into psychosis was both effective and anxiety-inducing. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Lixian, the absolute legend he is, graces us with his game... I'm not even going to link to my own let's play of it. I just want to leave a note of my awe and gratitude.

You did a great job, bro! Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

A very nice little horror game. Set up a lot of expectations at the start that I was definitely wrong about by the end... Thanks for sharing this with us!


Though the game seems to have rejected me and swallowed me up with darkness once, it was still a nice little experience. Seeing how long it takes people to notice the loop on average would be interesting. Thanks for sharing this with us!

I thought I'd gotten 'em all, but seems I missed this one. Outstanding as always, Dave! Even if it is an older one. Thanks for sharing all these gems with us.

Some great concepts on display here. I'm definitely eager to see where this game turns out should it get a full release. Thanks for sharing this with us!

A nice little game! Ending variety amused me for sure, especially the secret ending. Thanks for sharing this with us!

For its mere concept and execution alone, I have to say that I love this. More could have been played with the scares and horror, but even just the mere mechanic of slowly revealing things with the LIDAR gun was tense and atmospheric enough. Thanks for sharing this with us!

Surprisingly good experience here. Can see all the attention to detail with sound design, and the environments shifted quite nicely. Thanks for sharing this with us!

Darn skippy I will.

Very nice game. Even though a lot of it was just messing around and killing time, the reality sank in at a few points, which made it very effective for getting its own brand of horror across. Thanks for sharing this with us!

I wasn't quite so sold by the Basement game, but Niven recommended this one to me, and... I'm really glad he did. This is fantastic, and very impressive for only having been done in a single day. Thanks for sharing this with us!

Very nice what you managed to do with such limited resources and on such a time constraint. Even without a lot of jumpscare sounds and spooky animations, it managed to unsettle me. Thanks for sharing this with us!

Lots of people using this monster lately, but it is a creepy one. Nice job for your very first (completed) game, and thanks for sharing it with us!

I have learned. Now I know.

There was never a reason to feel any sense of dread at all, and yet for some reason, I did... Thanks for sharing this with us!

The lack of a certain singing, dancing, pizza-eating mouse has wounded me on a deep, personal level! But, you did scare my balls off at least once, so touché... Thanks for sharing this with us!

This was a really cool experience. I thought it might've been based on the classic creepypasta and story, but it set itself apart in a cool way. Nice job with the writing, and thanks for sharing this with us!

Very nice game, especially for being your first! Great atmosphere, controlled smoothly, and the monster was a nightmare. Thanks for sharing this with us!

It's clear where the inspiration comes from, but it's such a lovely homage that it elevates the subject matter rather than ripping it off. Very nice work on this, and thanks for sharing it with us!