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Save files are in the Android > data > com.mythic.manor > files > saves when you connect your phone to your PC.

Cool! I'll just take a backup of my save files and uninstall the previous version then.. Thanks!

Is anyone else having issues installing the Android version (v0.12)? I have tried downloading 3 times, but it doesn't install on my device... :(

Anyone know how to fix the garden water spout? I couldn't find anything to use at the mall..

There's no window in my bedroom?! Also, tried watching porn (and CamChat) at night and late night.. didn't work! :/

What do I do when it says "I should find a place to relax" for Fanora (Level 27)? I tried relaxing in the pool and in the garden outside.. didn't work! Also, do I have to reach a certain level to repair the binoculars? How can I use them?

Really liked Jade's story. <3

I'm stuck on - "I feel like something will happen soon... I should just wait." with Fanora (Level 25). Also, I can't get to the 'hot and steamy' bit with Nefari. Any help pls! 

Thanks for developing this awesome game! I LOVE it!! I have 2 questions - (1) I can't find the 2nd panties for Fanora (Lvl 20). I just found one in the laundry basket. (2) How do I progress Jessa's story past Lvl 3? 

btw Heather is really hot!! Would love to see her story line progress ;)