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This was an awesome game to play even though I am playing this two years later but it was really good and made me feel very pressured to figure out how to fix the machine without the time running out. Eventually I figured it out. Awesome game! Keep going!

I hope you guys enjoy it like I did :)


This game was beautiful! I loved the graphics and the music in the storyline. I loved every moment of the game and I wonder what would happen if I chose another route... 

Unfortunately I couldn't finish the ending as the game glitched but I watched another video and saw the ending!

This game was so cute and adorable. I loved the concept and at first I was quite bad but then I got used to the fishing mechanism. The birds were definitely tough to fish for. I really enjoyed this game, keep at it! 

I loved this game! I didn't expect it to be quite so deep but I am glad that I was able to get froggy out! Keep making more games!! They are so good :3

1I really like these types of games and yours definitely did not disappoint! I loved the storyline.

Keep making more!! 

I liked the trailer and the parts that I could play but I couldn't play the full thing as it was only up to 30 and It wouldn't let me play anymore. If you can get more compters like mine to play I would love to play it again! This game really caught my eye!!

A really cute game! 

Short and sweet x <3