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I want to be friends with some Betelgeuse! 

What a great piece. I'm sad. It affected me. Thank you.  

What an absolutely great (beginning of a) game! The hexagon tile transition, the amazing background that you could sell as a moving background (are you selling this!?), the soothing soundtrack! Love this game! I gotta play more! 

I really enjoyed my first few minutes of play through! The poetic narrative really resonates and there's a delightful atmosphere and sense of deep space. Great work and thank you for putting it in the racial justice bundle! I think you(s) are awesome! 

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I second this notion! Wonderful atmosphere with the visual haze, the soundscape really drew my girlfriend and I in as I played.  I wish you luck and offer to help however I can!  
Oh, and I bought this with the racial justice bundle. I think you(s) are awesome!