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Fun to play with the multiple things you can do. Good for making time fly by. Also fun with friends, you can try to see every possibly thing you can make exist.

I'm still at the begining of the game, yet it's pretty amazing. The style is very Undertale like, but this is a totally new game. The "combat", in this game is amazing as well. This should be put onto steam, although Toby Fox might see you trying to copy him a little. It's worth the shot though, isn't it?

So, this is a demo right? Will it cost money at full release? If it is, why not just add some in game purchases instead like...adding weird crazy hybrid dinos or skins that you can't get normally. That way, people can enjoy your game, but you'll still get cash for the people who do in game purchases.

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Was this made by the same people that did "Garbage Day"?? Just want to get that clear. Also, could you add lower graphics options? The high detail that my computer has to load and everything makes it lag out making the game pointless to have or play.

Put it on Windows. It needs to be there.

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Got demons, ghosts, or vampires!? Playing this game will show you the true way to get those baddies to FUCK off.

Will the game still be free at full release?