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Imants Berzins

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Hi! I'm glad you enjoyed this, err.. demo. I will work on controller support more. For now it's Unitys defaults.
What controller/profiler/schemes did you use?

Thanks for a word(view?) out and good luck with your gameplay/review channel.

This was one one-button'er I really enjoyed! Be careful with features, add them wisely. I finished all levels in one minute and what a great minute it was - at least to me it felt so, no idea about time IRL :)

BTW - in case some of you wonder.

00:01:17 - Start to arc (uphill)
00:01:06 - Arc to Start (downhill)
00:02:08 - Full Run without stopping, with arc-drop at the top.

As there's no timing in-game, I used ancient methods - chronometer in my phone.

Hi, thanks!

Sure, I'm using ProBuilder straight in Unity's editor for 'terrain' and 'props', it's a great tool for quick iteration. Actually, there isn't a lot of workflow there. I've cheated a little(?) - if you observe carefully, you'll notice, that there's only one turn with some slight variations that's tricky mirrored and aligned so that I can stack and angle them together (didn't do particularly good job on those geometry light leaks, though).

..damn! it's < 100kb

Hi! Thanks for the feedback!

Brakes - I know - isn't that motto of nowadays - no brakes! Jokes aside - I dunno.. I will resort it somehow, for now the're, mm, broken - I myself use handbrake only, it's more manageable.

How does it plays/controls with analogs? I've played on keyboard only.

Thanks again, noted.