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Wild Forest

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yes can i get it to :) 

please put a word document in with your credits that you would like to be published so that is easy to give greedits in game :D


This has so much potencial.. one of this could end up in my game...  
so i just find you,i will check other stuff that you have :) 

looks amazing...
just looking at it makes me wanting to make a space shooter... 
just great art work <3

its looking intrasting,... hope to play with them :) 
just wanted to say exselent work and thanks for giving them

its nice .hope to make somthing sometimes with it. its nice :) Great work. 

its cute :) 
nice work...

great work man. 
i like it its nice to lesent to,i yes i belive it will be nice for games :D


the art,the geting skills ,ambient...and idea in game to play arcade that i wanted so long to make,and you did it, . it was nice to see that :) 
it was good story telling :) it makes you think... feel a bit odd :) 

was good :) 
really enjoyed it... and there is no enemies.... just going around,... 2d world but still fun. 
the sceneries,like going into narnia :) difrent rooms difrent worlds almost ;) 
then, the video game part... going out but stil in the game :D not real or real or where now :D it was intrasting...some nice art really.. nice footstep sound :) 

really nice music :D .... yup i stayed for the bass its true :) 
and game is just nice really :) 

29 minutes it take me... it was fun.. i liked the graphics,...sound etc...
maybe just to do main caractar a litle beter,goust is good :D 
sounds great... it was nice exploration :) 
Only one way on the end i dint explore..couse right led me to end game :D 
but all rest yes ... and it was nicely done :) 
its just nice... great work :) 

just my feeling is ,that is to fast... hard to control..  
so is it me ,das the others like it or maybe same ? 
music is nice,.. efect is ok :)  2d sprites... hmmm  its ok but maybe something 3d would be nice but that is ok .. 
atmosfere yes its nice expecialy with that music  :) 

No, its all good, couse i am also really slow with my first project,.. so many things keep me away from working on it,but i dint give up :) and geting back into so  i just check did i miss it :)  ... its still the best thing i have seen :) so it would look amazing... also maybe some asteroids ,small pices maybe  not all in just round shape if posible some like pices of rocks :D rotating  :) and for them maybe two  or tri animation(just an idea) like rotating in one direction but also in others (up down direction or both in few warriations thats make full circle animation...
for like making game level as asteroids.. 
this is just idea,i thout maybe you gonna like it. but just few planets would also be amezing thing :D  

any news for animated planets :) ?

this is beatifull 
amazing work :) 

amazing work :) 

Really nice music and nice game.. i thout i would not like it but i have giv it a try and it was nice... 
for me is amazing that you made it work... to be able to control both and to be fun and that they pass the level :) 

this is 2023... there are not much of posible new concept :D 
i am working on top down car racer .. also not mine concept :) when i first seen it i was in primary school :D 

JUST AN IDEA.,.. karantin :D  
if you played game i think the name was karantin...  there you were a taxi driver in town of zombies,...  so maybe such a misions :D 
Like you drive tro dangerous part of city where there are atackers etc .. or maybe mision to retrive something so to chase some cars :D etc :D 
there were a gun mounted on car if i remember etc.. but thats just idea.

and it looks nice.. i just wonder how it gona be with sound :D 

would you make some tutorial how are you making some of this games,it can be as episodes....
or maybe just giving intervju... 
i  am falowing from start of daisy dangerous and then tryed most of your games,and most of them i had finished :) 
you are great inspiration.

this all look amazing,nice...
if i am not mistaken,still we dont have a rotating animation? hope its still a plan to be done :) maybe just few of them :)
with kind of look if animated in 32 moves or more,it would be great :D 

anyway thanks for the amazing graphics :) 

in game can i choose whic weapon will i use ? 
oh i just jump in and started going tro the level.. dont know where should i go,just its big many directions to go,unusual for level 1 now i am just kinda going up xD

diferent weapons its what makes it intrasting... and.. as always secura makes it somehow crazy good in this case,crazy chaotic but in a good way, and so :) 
thanks for posting and making this,.. you are a legend  :) 

after long time new stuff..
really you are a legend and cant wait to try it :) 

pick me ,pick me,pick me,i want to test it.. if my old lap top is good enaugh :( 

oh man.. .so where is my score :( 
i am Panter serbia i had .,.. a top 4 or 5 score :( now is 0... 
so sad :(  i dint know fixed meant i eresed all scores xD 

ah so sad,...
but good game. 

using windovs. lap top.. 
when game start its a bit of the screen to up left? anybody heaving this issue? 
the game is fun,well done,really enjoying it,its a bit like old legend rick dangerous :D 

No problem ,i am not fast with game making,living in forest,preparing wood for winter :D and mostly doing alone or workin with my distant brother so its not going fast, just i thout to ask is it in arround two mont period :) its totaly fine if it goes one by one :D  i am not fasting in making so i can add how it goes :D <3 

Thanks again,your planets  and backgrounds are awesome :D 

just to ask, i seen new update but its still aint smooth animation of planets :) ?
so ,just to ask when is planed maybe some planet to be made in smooth turning animation :) ? 
volcano planet if posible <3 :D 
now i am making (still) a top down racer,but its moving so after that if posible i like to do space racer, 
great work,thanks for lething it to be used :) <3

oh i am glad that you like it,.. i thouth maybe i am started to bather you with all wish list and ideas ,but thats just i really need and posible the other to :) 
i will go slowly from simple to more complex stuff :) 
soon i hope i give new video of advence in game making :) 

here it is... the size is actualy perfect for my game,
i would say that it could benefit for more fremes in animation,.. double or triple to be more smooth.
but its best that i have found for now :D (from free stuf :D )
wanted to share it.. 
also space bacground would be so good that is litle wider... this was streced to fill the screen so ,litle less beatifull. 

i just wanted to share how it looks. 
soon ships get sound and flames.. this is going to be just a space race so no bulets and stuff but maybe some next would be flying tro space :) for hat would be great for simles space bacground. 

anyway,great work thanks. 

i just watched video of your art and wished to make golden axe kinda stile game...with big caracters and monsters coming out of tunels.,... music is great to.
 i am doing some other games right now,so that will wait.,.. but its nice,.. its nice,some nostalgic feelings just by watching it :) 
nice job.

we still need a chat :D

and is wird that some new people in day make sucha big scores ? 

hope it will be soon :D couse i am devoloping some small game and this would be great :) 

any chance making asteroids? in some rotation like that only for them it would be good that they are not exatly round. 
You are doing great work appriciet it much :) thanks :) 

its amazing :D 
just that white thing on top a bit to much.. somehow looks a bit unatural.. like like really white snow.. 
its just first impresion on looking at it just as photo,maybe in animation that will be beter.. but definitly looks good and size is ok :D 
its what i need definitly :) 
looking forward to red planet :D that one looks so good :D