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When I was writing the game I kind of imagined 4-6 riders and however many NPCs the crew wants in the Wagon Vehicle (mechanics, laborers, maybe a veterinarian or whatever.) I was kinda basing those numbers around two things: 1) traditional RPG party size and 2) actual cattle drive size. 

Historically cattle drives needed about 10-12 cowboys. So I kinda scaled everything down. There are Fewer Kaiju in a drive than actual cattle in a historical cattle drive so fewer riders than cowboys.

You pretty much nailed the purpose of Kaiju Riding as a skill. I kinda imagined it as climbing up onto a wild Kaiju as a way to get your riders into a "bucking bronco" type situation which I feel is essential for a western style narrative. Clarification/errata might be in order for that skill. 

Oh dang. This sounds right up my alley. I'll be picking this up tonight after I get home from work.

This game is incredible. The world feels real in a way that doesn't quite make sense considering all the magic and the 6 seasons. It kind of makes me think it's the world that our ancestors probably thought their world was like. 

I've had this PDF for a while but I recently bought the physical book. The content of this game supplement is an absolute masterclass in emergent gameplay ideas. Everything background, every monster, every table and every art piece is full of actual gamable hooks. As a GM I can put anything from this book on the table with zero prep and my players will turn it into a story moment or a whole sessions worth of play.

Wow thanks! I'll update the file sometime soon to fix these 6 typos. Any more typos after these six were um... Stylistic choices and definitely intentional. 

I also want to get cool icons for the Heretic but that characters little weapon descriptions were to long! Maybe I'll rearrange some stuff for them.

There should be more sports games.

Game looks incredible. Love the aesthetics. Looking forward to reading it and messing around with the rules.

Should your RPG have Fishing in it? Obviously it should and now it can.


The art is amazing, the writing is top notch and I have absolutely no idea how I'd run this adventure.  Perfect.

Love this pack. I found these icons super useful.

FIST is my current gaming obsession. Character creation is brilliant, the setting and fluff are great. 

Great looking book oozing with theme.

South Carolina is the perfect state for horror.

Beautiful design and simple rules.

Extremely cool. I can't wait to see what else comes from this game!