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i’m glad you like it, for now i don’t have any plans to animate those sprites, but if i will have some more free time and willingness i may try to do this

Really cool fantasy console! It was nice to write some assembly code after long time, although it would be easier if I knew 6502 instructions instead of 8051 and didn’t mix them up, but still I had a lot of fun.

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Ok, here should be everything you need, just follow instructions under Ubuntu / Debian-based Linux category


In line :

sudo dpkg -i gb-studio_1.0.0_amd64.deb

change the "gb-studio_1.0.0_amd64.deb" to current .deb file name that you have

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Type those commands into the linux terminal

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install libnss3-dev

I checked it on a chromebook and after extracting files from zip, there was a .deb file.

Looking at the license, I think you can sell your games made in this engine.

I don't see any problem with making long game.

In GB Studio you are restricted to 4 colors but you can change them

I don't known if you can make a JRPG, I don't really known limitations of this game engine

More information you should be able to find here:

If you have a chromebook, I recommend using Ubuntu/Debian Linux version, it can be run via Linux terminal on your chromebook

Looking at this project, games created by rcbasicfans and the source code of those games, it really looks really promising. Syntax looks a lot like in BlitzBasic/BlitzMax. Project is actively developed. I really need to look at this project a little bit closer and try to use it for one of my next projects.

Thanks you for your feedback. I already moved to BlitzMax NG after I saw that it's still in active development on github. It helped a little but from what I see, code of my game is so messy that I would have to rewrite whole game to make it a little bit better. When it comes to fullscreen and mouse control support I can easily add mouse control but fullscreen would be a little bit tricky because of way I programmed my game back at the beginning of my programming adventure.

It promises to be very good, keep up the good work