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This is so fantastic so far! I love all the visual effects they're really well made, especially for this being your first project like this. 

I'm really looking forward to how this will turn out when it's done, but no rush!!! Take all the time you need to get your story out into the world! :] 

I found this game because it was included in the 'racial justice and equality' bundle and I just wanted to say that it was very fun and super cute tbh; but with the game being as short as it is, it does leave me wanting to play more! So I think a sequel would be awesome if you do end up producing one in the future! The puzzles were fun to navigate and I really enjoyed the music! :) 

Anyways to end my little rant... this was a short but super creative game that was a fun way to spend about an hour of my time on, and I enjoyed every second! I'll definitely be recommending this to my friends! Thanks for the game! :D