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same lol

I know this has NOTHING to do with the overall gameplay, but while playing, I decided to play some kirby music. Let me say, the game matches so well with that type of music! Oh, and I love the game also. Amazing job!

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This games controls are SOOOO weird! It seems like I land a move, but it never actually lands. Plus, The fly enemies are WAY to annoying. Sometimes, there's a delay when I want to attack! The move sometimes NEVER lands. Hopefully, the controls can be updated (along with other quality-of-life improvements) in a future update. Oh, I forgot to mention that you did a good job with this game.


Awesome game! Was NOT expecting to get spooked!

I know you commented this two weeks ago, but I just wanted to say thanks for responding to me :) also, I will check out your oher games :)

This game is awesome! I have some ideas tho. For one, it should tell you what facilities are using up your materials when you check on your progress. Plus, there should be an option to customize your colony name (idk if this is already in the game...), and even have resident customization! Now these are just ideas, and the game is pretty much perfect as it is! Very well done!

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this game is cool, though the controls sometimes don't work. Its mainly the jump button, but idk if the devs meant for this to happen. it may even be my computer lol

ok, can you even BEAT this game? No matter how hard I try, I always end up dying lol.

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I loved this game on the switch! I highly recommend this game, tho its very short. The music btw is FANTASTIC! Hopefully an ost comes out soon!

Holy moly! I personally never played the original Doom (Well, I never even played ANY Doom game), but this is so cool how u managed to recreate a game in Pico-8! Awesome job!

Then again, People need to have money to do just about EVERYTHING! Making this free will be a major loss for the person, however the $15 price tag is a bit much. Maybe charge at least $5, or maybe even $10.


very cool game! A very creative take on RPG's (I mean, if this even is an RPG. It plays like one, but maybe its not...) I have not beat it yet, but I hopefully can!

This game is awesome! I reached the top, and I was overall satisfied with this game. Awesome Job!

Holy moly! This game is awesome! I mean, I suck at RPG's, but it was still a enjoyable experience regardless!!!

Holy moly! What an amazing game! Awesome music, nice graphics, overall great experience! Keep up the good work!

Awesome game! Although I do not know if this was intentional, but there are WAY to many cars on the road, plus the fact that others are literately unpredictable to know when there coming. Otherwise, very awesome game! I really like the graphics! 

Wow. This game is honestly very cool for a game you spent 1 hour on lol. Keep up the good work!

Awesome game! The only problem for me is that there's no full screen. I would really love that, but otherwise very awesome game!

Very well done game! The only problem I have is the controls chose when they want to work. I saw myself dying cause the jump button kept glitching, but other then that fantastic job!

Very nice game! I personally enjoyed the music! Hope to see more indie games like this!

Ok I will try that. Thanks for the tip. 

A very well done game! To me, the only problem would be that it lags alot. Other then that, amazing job!

nice game! Hope there is more coming!

Wow! I am very impressed with this! I hope an update will come soon!

pretty cool fangame! Nice work!