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hollow knight on paper yass


YES! thank you! That was a what this game needed.

do you recommend speeding up option for developers or for us? you can actually speed up game using numpad (+ and -)

heyeyeyeyeyeyeyey! idea i know you have a school and game is free and also you have propably not much time... but listen. you could make something like stamina system. it will not only make fighting with bots impossible to spam but also give to it more strategic combat. the idea is that every attack will be slower than the other and to attack as fast as at the beggining you just stop moving for a moment.

what do you think? and feel free not to agree with me. this is your game and my idea needs some improments on your AI and lot of work. love your work <3


i love it. i know its early version but i am counting on a new map. could you made like a map with a hole or with platforms in the air?

no problem

also sorry but i have to do this *epic backflip* you're welcome


 thats what im here for <3

nice game, pretty fun and rewarding, keep it up, good work <

thank u. cool game but you can improve graphics a bit. anyway i am giving positive feedback so you fell better today <3 keep it up good work

gotta go fast

cool <3

its not that good buy its sure fun! you've put a lot of effort and me and my friends appriciate it! 

thank you

when can we expect update for us... mortal beings with no patreon  subscribction

when can we expect another update?

so i have suggestion, question and something to warm your heart.

when two people do an attack it shouldnt be always bouncing off, i think that parry will only work like : mid  attack can parry mid attack and low attack can parry high and high can parry low i would make sense for me.

can you do something so two players can play only on keyboard (in some cases having a mouse is unfair) because i want to play fair matches with my friends and dont hear their compleins about me having a mouse hahah.

game is awesome! its that fun and good that i am even writing a comment despite my lack of ,,english skill,, hahah

i am looking forward to new updates and you can be sure that i'll donate someting ;)

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o