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Not a problem at all man and I know how things happen and things have to get shuffled around.  I just wasn't sure this out right stopped or what happened.  Glad to know your ok though.  =)

Is development still happening here?  Did something happen to the dev?  Things seem to have just gone silent.  =(

This really is some amazing stuff your building.  My son plays this things and I can see his mind just spinning with ideas of things to try out and experiment with.  Its pretty awesome and we both thank you for everything you are doing and have done.  Thank you.

Just a heads up, that when I first ran this on my Windows 10, i5(I think), it crashed a couple times when messing with the tutorial.

I went an turned the sound down, turned the shaders off and turned full screen on and things have been going smooth since.  I love this "game" man and its sweet to see someone picking up where Spore left off.  I love when you are doing with the brain area.  I love you can add a couple brains.

I have to get back to it and create me some death eaters.  Thanks again.  =)