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Had a ton of fun with the demo! It seems relatively balanced so far, with the flashlight charging + monsters appearing, I constantly got caught by the hiding guys tho! Can't wait to see the full release!

I could NEVER escape Grumace!! It was a little difficult, but I'm glad I gave it a try :) (the gameplay starts at 41:18 if you wanna skip to it)

Definitely enjoyable style, yet a lot shorter than I expected! Never got the third ending, but the two I got were fun :) (this game starts at 36:12 if you wanna skip to it)

Simple yet fun! The graphics were impressive and super appealing to me :) (this game starts at 19:56 if you wanna skip the rest)

I BEAT IT!! I had a tough time avoiding him at first, but once I figured it out, it was a fun slender-esque game and I had a lil laugh at the shake-drinking! (gameplay for this game starts at 10:11 if you want to skip)

Really fun! It was a totally unexpected turn but I loved it, had a blast (literally) blasting his babies away lol it was the first game I played in this grimace game compilation video! :) (this game starts at 1:13 if you wanna skip the intro)

Surprisingly George freaked me the hell out during most of my playtime- but I DID get a few endings!! It was actually fun although it was short, and it was the third and last game I played during this 3 scary games video! (this game starts at 18:28)

It was super short but I really liked the mascot (super creepy in the menu) but I feel like I totally speedran as there wasn't much suspense lol But it was SUPER fun and I had a great time! It was the second game I played in this 3 scary games video (this game starts at 11:47)

Another fun horror romp from Combo Bomb games!! Always love how simple yet effective your games are, and I had another blast with this one! Its the first game I played in this 3 Scary Games video :)

I'm glad you enjoyed! Can't wait to play more of your games :)

Such a fun, satisfying and entertaining shooter!! Honestly wish it was longer, had a ton of fun playing it! Check out my video for more thoughts + gameplay :)

I really liked this game!! Im super bad at puzzles while im commentating tho, sooo I ended up not getting them right away :'D But overall, awesome experience so far and can't wait for more!!

Although the discord-additions weren't entirely my cup of tea, I did think parts were kinda fun! Although the whole shooting-the-wall and maze were a little... unintuitive? I had to look up walkthroughs for those parts. Still pretty cool!

Loved the cute characters! The pacing was handled well for what time you had, and the scares were legit creepy!! I had so much fun playing :)

WOW! However simple this was, the plot of the game wasn't the highlight for me (although it was cool to parkour for these pills) it was the monster (aka Coots the cat) that made this game one of my favs. The design of him was so simple, yet SO horrifying and creepy. Well done! I want MORE COOTS!

(this was the last game I played in this vid, gameplay starts at 22:53)

SUSSY CANNOT EAT ME!! It was incredibly simple as a chase game, but I had a fun time with it! Eventually getting the hang of juking him while figuring out the banana hitboxes was a fun little experience :)

(It was the second vid I played in this video, gameplay starts at 16:43)

Better than I expected?? I guess? Haha, love how you don't take yourself TOO seriously and just have fun when you're making a game! Twas a fun, short, easy yet scary experience! Had a fun time!

(It was the first game I played in this vid, gameplay starts at 0:51 seconds!)

What a crazy lil experience! I had a ton of fun in just a short time, I'd love to see you do a more in-depth game with this style of humor :)

Had a great time with this!! I really love how far you've come! I have a tendency to poke fun, and I greatly enjoyed this experience :)

(my little jokes n jabs are purely meant for entertainment, i really do like your games and love playing them <3)

Ah I see!! Very cool, I was impressed the AI art was used there :D Could be a cool challenge to use AI assets in a game... I wish I was skilled enough as a game dev to try that!

Wow! What a great retelling of the creepypasta, definitely worth playing! It was a fun, disturbing and scary experience! You seem to be very good at creating short horror games like this, can't wait to see more! It was the final game I played in this 3 scary games video :)

(This game starts at 26:58)

SUPER creepy! Had a good time with it, it was definitely well-executed! Can't wait to see what else you do! It was the second game I played in this 3 scary games video!

(Peter's House starts at 16:32)

It was both WEIRD and FUN!! and a tad bit scary!! Def worth a try, happy I did! It was the first game I played in this 3 scary games video :)

Not gonna lie, this REALLY reminded me of Garten of Banban- probably because I played it recently and also because it's honestly very similar in concept. But I think if you want to flesh out this idea, it definitely has potential to be a great original game!! Just maybe lean away from the similarities :)

(Begins @ 32:35)

This IS based on a creepypasta, right?? I swear I've read one like this a long time ago! Solid execution, loved the low-poly vibes and the scares got me! It was the second game I played in this video:

(Begins @ 23:13)

Spooky atmosphere and unique gameplay!! I liked exploring and catching moths (gotta catch em all??) and I think i EVENTUALLY got the hang of avoiding the big ol moth man!! It was the FIRST game I played in this 3 Scary games video!!

(The theme of this video was to find the 'scariest game ever' so I was doing some cringey acting around claiming this game was that at first- forgive that as it's simply for entertainment :)

Such a fun little romp with... Jack??? I couldn't stop seeing Jacksepticeye! Haha, enjoyed the game a lot! Check out my full playthrough here!

It was very hard, no lies there! I wasn't able to finish it but I had a lot of fun, maybe I'll try again sometime! It begins at 19:41 in this video, but there IS a few jumpscares so be careful ya'll!

What a fun little horror game! It was a tad frustrating that you couldn't recharge the flashlight or find new batteries, as it turned into a time-based game rather quickly... but I did beat it!! It was the second game I played in this video 10:13 : (warning, transitions are jumpscares!)

This game was totally trolling the player, but i had a ton of fun! It was the first game I played in this video: (WARNING, the transitions are jumpscares!)

I LOVE THIS GAME! Can't wait for another :D

Really love the atmosphere and concept! I think it's gonna be a super cool game when fully realized! It was the third/final game I played in this video:

(this game starts at 30:15~)

Love your games! They always have a unique story and fun gameplay, and this was no exception! It was the second game I played in this video!

(this game starts at 7:16~)

Really spooky atmosphere and well-done ending! It was the first game I played in this 3 scary games video :D

WOW! The production quality was quite nice! Something sinister is definitely happening with squidward...

I was definitely spooked!!

DANG! Very old animal crossing vibes on point! Felt it was sinister from the get-go... and wow it delivered!!

Fun and interesting but I didn't get to finish due to a bug :( should have more save points! Still a fun experience!

Loved it! The atmosphere and scares were spot-on! Can't wait for the sequel!

So so fun! Reminds me of my favorite old PC games from when I was a kid, but with more modern twists and humor! Can't wait to see more! here's my video on the demo :)