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I'm so blown away by this game!! It's wonderfully simple yet so very addicting and fun! It has elements I adore from other games like Binding of Isaac, yet its own style of 'combat' and the items are so charming! I can't say how much I loved this enough! :D (My only suggestion if you plan on making this a bigger game is more bosses!! I know the technical plot is the mouth, nose, eyes to make up the bigger boss... but if there were more bosses and different 'mega' bosses that would be SO cool!)

I had a lot of fun, the pleasure is mine!! I can't wait to see what else you make :D

An amazing, fun little game! I played its short entirety in this video :)

I knew it had Confraternity of Toast vibes before I played!! Youve come a long way, but  I feel as if some of the comedy was forced! Still a fun experience and worth a shot :)

Very interesting! It was simple yet effective, the atmosphere was spot-on! Can't wait to see more! It was the last game I played in this 3 scary games video:

What an insanely unique and freaky experience! I really thought it was amazing! It was the second game I played in this video :D

I loved it! It was a short, simple and scary little game! I got the B Ending, and it was the first game I played in this video! :D

I loved this game! :D It was so cool to see your style be used in a 3D environment, and the gameplay elements were cool! I didnt see the end but I had a good time playing it!

I got all three endings!! What a creepy experience! It was the last game I played in this video!

What a strange little experience! I really liked the psychological horror loop thing going on, it really made me think! I was so mean to Eric LOL (it was the second game i played in this video!!)

This is really great for a first horror game!! The jumpscares honestly got me! It was the first game I played in this video :)

Spongebob HITS DIFFERENT in this game!! I managed to see two endings which I think was all of them? The Grek part was hilarious! Can't wait to see what you do next!

I played it and it was awesome! It reminded me of resident evil and a couple other indies, but it was great in its own right! I figured out where i went wrong during editing- i got the bad ending but I still enjoyed my time a lot!!

This is definitely a Yames game! A style that has been 'grown' with time, love and dedication to development and is very very clearly Yames! I absolutely loved how disturbing and strange it all was, what an experience! I can't say much else other than PLAY THIS GAME!! PLAY HIS OTHER GAMES!! And if you want, feel free to check out this video I made where I played the full game :) (I think I got the bad ending??)

I played this before the newest update but enjoyed it a lot!! I didn't manage to beat it (figured out why later) but I had a ton of fun and can't wait to play again!!

House of Rats? More LIKE HOUSE OF HORROR!! Love the atmosphere, feel like the painting/renovation was a bit.. lacking? Repetitive, although if done right, it can add a bit more creepiness. However, I loved it for what it is and I loved slaying the giant rat man! It was the third and final game I played in this video :)

So glad to finally find a place that caters to my snake-phobia! Fantasically simple, short and sweet with some amazing scares. Looking forward to your future projects as well!! It was the second game I played in this 3 scary games vid!

Perfectly creepy with a mysterious protagonist and well-timed jumpscares! Well done, Dev!! :D

This game is INSANE!! And I mean insanely fun! The art style, the gameplay, the story was very intriguing! I want to know MORE :0 It was the third game I played in this weird games video, and boy I am glad I did! I played it all the way through, definitely worth it. (I got the second ending BTW)

This is SUCH a fun game and full of potential! Its a fun little twist on the stealth game, I spoke about my thoughts in this weird games video, where it was the second one I played! I'd love if there was some type of mode where you had more than 4 minutes, seeing how far you could get without a time limit? Idk! Can't wait to see how this keeps evolving!

Awesome little game! V fun, strongly recommend checking it out :) It was the first game I played in this weird games video!!

What an insane game!! I have no idea what to think, or how to interpret it! It's a fascinating take on the point and click genre, highly recommend! Here's my first episode of experiencing it!

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Playing this on my channel and its absolutely awesome so far! Totally unexpected and very intriguing. I keep wanting to find all sorts of ways to defeat the areas! Here's my first episode, more to come! :D ALSO: I found a glitch, not game-breaking but definitely weird! It takes place at 28:41)

Loved it!! Coming from a person who is pretty ignorant about spanish facism and the culture surrounding it, it did intrigue me and I had a great time exploring! The scares were very well executed, but a bit predictable! Nothing bad about being classic as long as it's done well though!

The Resi vibes are STRONG with this one!! But I LOVED IT! The Sesame Street core works so well with this environment and the scares are so well done. The characters are believable as children show stars, but also terrifying in this setting! I can't believe how fun this was to experience, and I definitely can't wait for a full version!

Got what I was expecting- a seemingly normal experience that gets weird!! And super creepy! The cashier and I sparked an interesting relationship haha! It was the final game I checked out in this 3 Scary Games vid :)

Very cool experience! The style of slowly getting more and more disturbing is one I love to see, especially in these types of games! i was so intrigued, and the ending did NOT disappoint! Cant wait to see more from you! :) It was the second game I played in this vid!

Awesome game but the lag was so intens for my computer!! Most likely on my end? Still enjoyed the experience! It was the first game I played in this 3 Scary Games video!

I uh.... don't really get it? But it's just my kind of crazy! Had a blast with the weirdness, and figuring it out wasn't half bad either! I poked a bit of fun but it was a good game to try. I didn't even make it past the first world, really! But it was definitely worth a gander. :) It was the last game I tried in this compilation video!

Honestly in love with the style, but lots of people can say that! I had a hard time but that doesn't mean much with how bad I am at these games. I gave it a lil look in this compilation, its the second game I tried! Incredibly fun and worth a try if anyone likes the idea!

Absolutely loved it! Just the right amount of challenging AND fun! This should be a full game, honestly! Maybe with multiple levels and things. :) It was the first game I tried out in this compilation: Of course, I didn't make it very far, but it was incredibly fun to try out! If you're wondering if it's worth your time, DEFINITELY!!

Absolutely loving this concept! I really thought it was longer, but the short experience left me looking forward to whatever it becomes in the future! It was the second game i played in this compilation, very fun! :D

What an awesome continuation of Midnight Scenes! Im a tad late to the party, but so glad I tried it out! I have SO many questions and had so much fun! Can't wait until your next creation, Octavi! :D

Made me totally uncomfy and I'm pretty sure that was the goal here, unfortunately I coulddnt figure out how to advance in the video (silly me!) but the experience was insane otherwise! It was one of the games I checked out in this weird game compilation, Def gonna play more games from you in the future!

So funky and weird! Loved the little touches, the AI was actually one of the few I could enjoy in video games! Can't wait to see more from the creator! It was the third game I checked out in this weird game compilation!

Honestly so fun and weird, but that's what I was hoping for! I had a ton of fun improvising a funny scenario while I checked out the game, it was the first one I played in this weird games compillation :)

Another awesome game by Blake! Although the boss frustrated me, I eventually got it :'D Super fun and cool retro graphics as always! It was the second game I checked out in this 3 Scary Games video:

Absolutely awesome first taste of this episodic game!! I can't wait for the rest, it has a ton of potential! It was the first game I played in this 3 Scary Games video! :D

Absolutely loved this! Even as someone who hasnt played the first game, I adored it and am SO excited to see it completed!!

I tried out this game for the first time and I absolutely adore it! I did run into a bug or two but it's fabulous and I cannot wait to see more, you guys have a lot of potential on your hands!