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did it

this one's a cute game & i like it.

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yay. thank you sylvie. (i played in the 2nd environment. but later i also finished the 1st environment.)

in the first room, if you place a dino near the top-right exit, then try to use both exits, the dinos just disappear and the game is softlocked

do the fuel cells do anything now that the jetpack is removed

upon further inspection kitteys petted: 1 . if dreams are the spice of life ambition is the au jus (modern proverb)

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the violence has been endured to its end and kitteys petted: 0 ... may one's dreams never come true (ancient proverb)

fun! thought at first it would be a generic Lightbot-esque instructions game but the physics & zero friction make it great

i got stuck in the ceiling

matt didn't you get art from hinata specifically for this mod. why haven't you put it on the mod page. lol

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Also I didn't fully read the instruction and missed that Super Spin was a thing so that probably made it harder

Very good game.. One bug : you do not override the player's "blink" impulse allowing them to miss many of the 60 frames per second. Other than that this has satiated my need for High Action Gameplay.

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this game was confusing but looked very pretty and played mildly fun. i liked the boat control scheme. in conclusion, this is a good game. if i may ask 1 question what is the cloud on the islands for/what does it do because it makes me die.

"video game boats are broken by default" - a very profound realization

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I have since pinched myself in the nose (will I ever learn???), drawn a jellyfish despite not having incurred its wrath, and won with 5 points. Yay!

Though I presume that I am no longer required to follow Game's instructions after I win it... or perhaps one never truly exits Game......

I am a cheater :(

the game told me to skip to 7 but i was foolish enough to read the instructions i was skipping over. burdened with cheaterhood forever,  i continue, in shame

found the reason it would not progress; the default levelset was excluded from the game files (i had it in an external levelsets folder so it could be accessed through the editor), this should be fixed

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"You don't even have a weapon to slice me open with, how pathetic. Begone." I like this interaction that makes you think at first that you managed to do something sneaky and unintended but the game is like... nope. Did not even think to do the thing that would get me that message on my first 2 playthroughs.

Also this is a very good Sylvy game.

good mod my eyes are burning

most of the music in my game is handled by me (and is Bad) but may i request a remix? tele-message me on discord at Wibi#7079

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chair slam is fixed in v1.1.2 (redownload the mod)

i dont know play the mod and find out.

level 24 was an awesome "aha" moment

Would it be possible to make this its own language option, instead of overwriting en?

make sure to tag this as dicey-dungeons

Electric Arc does not return the dice on dodge

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Someone's probably said this already, but moving into a wall while in checkmate shouldn't remove the "checkm@te" overlay once it's already come up

Game crashed when Beatrice used Flight? while having Haunted?. Very little details were given by the console. This might have to do with how Haunted? removes itself directly (see #1938) and how the game tried to add a status to the fighter Haunted? was being removed from simultaneously. See this this More Fluff issue for a possible fix.

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Masamune & Cheat Code starter for Robot BR switching to Murasame & Duplicate when The Robot activates is underpowered; getting any more than 8 damage out of a turn is very rare

Reverse Card pack is very, very awkward with snap, since snapping two reverse cards just means your next two actions are reversed, and unless you've got a Wrong Sword and a Wrong Axe next up, that's only going to screw you over. I'd recommend giving it a big rework in general - most other packs have benefits aside from just their inflict-status-do-damage synergy, and reverse card. (Yes, you can reverse a reverse card, but that requires using both reverse cards (without snapping) and then not being able to use Wrong Sword except to damage yourself. And inflicting the enemy with Reverse usually only does 6 damage at best.)

Sleight of Hand should cast forward since it steals money

Do you plan to make a version of this that's compatible with flexible generators?

Stink Bomb needs to be marked "cannotreuse", multiuse items do not play nicely with e.dicehistory at the moment

You might want to rename Channel Rage to something like Channel Rage@grabbag to avoid conflict with More Fluff's "Channel Rage" item

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Vertical flip/horizontal flip tools work wrong with the crusher tags. When vertically flipping, down tags and multidirectional tags are swapped, rather than down tags and up tags. When horizontally flipping, left tags and up tags are swapped, rather than left tags and right tags.

Horizontal flip tool doesn't swap down-left green transition tags and down-right green transition tags. Other transition tags, including down-left/down-right yellow tags, work fine.