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That ending plot twist was too much for me… First Timmy is dead… and now we see the narrator?! Either that or I failed to find the difference between the two…

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GO TO SLEEP!!!!! I'm sorry, I have a friend with insomnia and she's going through the same process as you. Only falling asleep for a less than and hour before waking up. I wish I could hug, but I can't because 1 I don't know where you live and two my back is in serious pain. Just know You're not the only one that's suffering from something.


If this wasn't helpful, I'm sorry ;-;

Take as long as you want. Just get better. I'm still going down every path way I can find.

I'm sorry ;-;

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Upon replaying Sissel's route I can now confirm of how us, the player, dies when Jinny tells us about it. I'm now curious for how it got to that point...

How do I update the game? I'm sorry for being dumb. ;-;

Wait, I'm dumb and don't know anything. Has this update come out yet, or it is coming out later this year? And what do I do if the update does come out? Does my thing update itself? I'm sorry for being dumb.😅

It's fine. I just wanted to see if I could do anything. Thanks! :)

I can't play this game because of how it's a rar file and my mac doesn't have anything to possibly run it. Any suggestion on what I can do?

The game is cute and great. I think you should have a way to tell which mon is which gender by putting up some fore of ign over their head. Also please make it where you can excuse mons from the campsite.

How do you get the machine from Cas?

Small On Top community · Created a new topic Playable?

Honestly I'm not sure on how to play... I've gotten everything, but there's no specfic ways on how to actually play the game, unless I'm dumb.

Why can't I stop playing this game?! It's so addicting, help! Kidding, but please keep up the good work, it's amazing.🤩

It's not working for me. I was able to download it and all that, but when I try to play nothing happens. Yet, it does say everything needs to be updated... either that or it's because I'm playing on a mac.

The game is very enjoyable (despite the run part giving me perverted thoughts and a nosebleed...), but I'd appreciate a way to know who is what creature. I've played this game 10 times and I'm still thinking on whether Ian is a dog or wolf!

The good ending picture is so friggin cute! :D