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Posted in Bug reports

A couple of bugs I have found so far...

1. Pants color does not change when adjusted on character(female).

2. After passing out from exhaustion and advancing to next day, after a few sec it again causes me to pass out saying I exausted again...but I don't have any hunger so this may be the problem with passing out again. Don't know but it will forever loop after a few secs. I don't have any food so this is a major problem.

3. Might want to autosave at start of game or allow saving without sleeping to allow skiping the opening.

Will report more as time goes on. 

Created a new topic So far so good but.....
While it's not a problem for me, you might want to post a comment concerning the language in the demo as since it is downloadable by anyone, some parents may find it inappropriate with younger children.