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praise be!

I agree 100%. I really like this VN, and while I'd like to say only good things about it like I used to, I just can't overlook it's many flaws. I hope the dev will be able to take this game on the best possible path and doesn't end up letting it fall into the generic VN stack


I'd gladly do it, just type a reply with your email and I'll send it to you in a while

Tho I have to let you know that I am currently up to date with the public version, so you'd have to mess up a little with the saves, which may cause you to spoil yourself in case you haven't yet made it to the latest events

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I recommend you check that event you'd happen to be missing in the wiki and see the triggering requirements so you will be able to get it. Then you should be able to get There is nothing as well

second this

It's called "saves" and it's located in the 'game' folder. So, you copy that and paste it into the same location but in the newer version you downloaded. I'd recommend that you test the game before deleting the older version, so you make sure everything is working well, and in case it's not, you still have your saves intact and would just have to try again

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Yeah, it's possible. You just gotta copy your save data from your current game version and paste it into the folder of the newer one

Oh, that's sweet. Mind to explain how you solved it?

As far as I know It's unlikely to get this kind of issue, but you can ask for help in the official community discord:

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It's really simple, actually. I'd only recommend you to replay recent past events, specially happy scenes and Maya's. You'd get your answer there, just pay attention to everything, even things that seem irrelevant.

Holy shit! This looks amazing. Great work as always, Bus!

First post on Itch... Amazing. The amount of work this man has done is insane; to see the point this game has reached really shows the commitment behind it, and how this man has worked his ass off to make LiL one of the most successful VN's so far. Kudos to you, Selebus!


Le sabe

As I thought, it would be something obvious ad doable on my own, but I didn't want to mess it up xd

Thanks youu

But I would have to begin from zero right? How can I , like, transfer all the data to the newest version?


Bro there is a bar on the right side of the screen that you can use to adjust the speed of the sex lol

Yo, a question

I have an older version of the game and I want to update it, but I'm afraid I may lost all the progress by doing so. What to be done?