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Absolutely so excited to see this start getting proper updates. The wait for the demo was well worth it, mae and her family's sprites are all really well done, the art of the backgrounds is so close to the original style. Its great. My only complaint would be how white the notebook box is as its a little (personally) annoying to read on.

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Knowing Mikko loves the best track on Anima, man

I already was 180'ing into liking him but now im just absolutely in love. Great music taste

Honestly just hearing any update at all has me so hyped. Best of luck and take as much time as you need!

Seems to be an issue installing on android. Always says package appears to be invalid and wont install.

I honestly wish i knew what this was but thats okay i guess

quite curious what characters are "romanceable" so to speak
I know for sure there's some nsfw scenes with Zac but I'm interested in who else may be and what the requirements are

Absolutely same sentiment tbh, also hello fellow fritz enjoyer

Holy shit, good luck man! I have total faith in your writing as you've had me on the edge of my seat the whole time so far.

Oh my god that first update!!!
Absolutely adore the music and the art, it all feels so good!

Its not often I'm able to find a game like this with such a weird almost creepy but still fascinating dreamlike vibe to it. Really glad you made this, it was excellently done, from the little animations to the music, it all just OOZES charm.

So far its a great little tech demo for something bigger. Curious if the biggest size is at around 350kgs cause I managed to almost get to 400 but I couldn't.

Try uninstalling your previous version, and installing the new after.

This is excellent so far, excited for future updates!!