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Well, it was somewhat amusing?

Don't ever use the 7 GRAND DAD meme if you were planning to, because that meme is GRAND DEAD. (I'm very sorry) Next time it updates I'll be glad to give it another round and see how much deeper the rabbit hole goes. Its not like I need a sufficient amount of brain cells to do things. (of course its not like i'm losing them by doing what I do everyday anyway)

I- I think I lost brain cells from this. I think I am mentally worse than when I went in. The art is...alright? I don't even think I can say that seriously, but this game must've been a joke, right? You didn't make this with any serious intentions of having a "silly" or "funny" game, right?

"Plis, let me pass" - Doroimon, 2016

This is a pretty interesting proof of concept, I would love to see this go far.

I especially loved the title music, could you please tell me the name?

By 'custom characters' you mean the normal characters with custom setups of weapons and crowns correct?