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Nice one - this is a fun little title. Can you give any hints about the goal scoring? Is the goalie's dive random or can it be influenced by left/right movements?

A really good remake - thanks for this. It fixes all the problems in the original and shows there was a good concept behind this game. I prefer the Black Edition.

I got my ZX Spectrum Next for Christmas and this was the first game I tried out on it. It's great! Very close to the arcade original and so is tougher than the ZX Spectrum and GameBoy versions.

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Thank you! I think it is a great that you recognized how good the original audio was and concentrated more on upgrading the graphics.

Is there any way to make  each room fully shown on screen like the original instead of the limited scrolling effect? I am guessing the resolution of the room graphics is preventing this.

Hi Amaweks, here is a link to the rzx I made:

(this is the first time I have shared a link using the cloud service I subscribe to so let me know if the link fails for you).

Thanks for all your efforts, 


Hi there! Great game (I sincerely mean this), and I have been enjoying it for a long while now. I just started a new game on v1.1 and got to a position where I was not able to move anymore. I have an RZX recording I could share with you if you are interested.