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Funnel Jam community · Created a new topic WHITEFRANK

Hi, my game WHITEFRANK has several types of this "funnel" concept built in, so I would be happy to participate in whatever way is appropriate.

WHITEFRANK is charts-heavy and there's enough of them to create a whole "funnel" setting or adventure on their own, I can abstract some of them to make a standalone or whatever is appropriate. :)

Hi! My WHITEFRANK is a KFR OSR game, and I would be very happy to contribute to your zine if you so wish. All the best!

The updates have fixed the issue, if that is any help. :)

Hi, just bought and installed your Undead pack. It crashes the software every time a selection is made. Tried hair, etc. -- same result.

A superhero pack and a separate supervillain pack could be a good idea. Or a single pack with both.

From the point of view of animation, as I do, it would be good if the different emotes were named rather than "emote1" type names because that is hard to track. And the idle stance plus cycling through them would be good because then they can be recorded and edited for proper lip syncing. Rather than the chopping hand arm flail talk animation. For any speech longer than a few second the repetition requires a LOT of editing :)

An idea for an item based pack - musical instruments (one and two handed eg guitars and microphones)

And similarly one and two handed tools eg sci fi and daily life shovels, brooms, scanners, drills, etc.

Likewise expanding the weaponry somewhat.

Since this would be loading more one and two handed items rather than requiring gigantic changes to the whole pack set, hopefully this would be quicker to finalise and implement.

Basically the more art assets you add the more sales you will likely get and the musical instruments in particular open up a lot more anime inspired type content -as well as DnD bards etc. Also useful for visual novel type stuff.

That is a good idea. Or as part of a monster pack - zombie, mummy / invisible man (bandages), vampire (fangs and eyes), hunchback / backpack, werewolf (three faces) and frankenstein monster. I can  a l m o s t do most of them now but a pack would be good!

Lip sync- the standard animation mouth shapes would be the best thing. The talk animation is very constricting since it is the same flail and chop arm gesture - far better to make it an "idle plus blink" pose cycle.

lol ikr

and they took over the whole 2D scene, still don't know why.

OK, so if I bite the bullet and install Unity, can I basically just "run" Unity purely to use the Character Creator 2D program? Then go back and export to PNG series for my animations? That's the magic bullet for me :)

I am a user of the standalone version and it is exactly what I need.

Other than adding more packs at reasonable prices it's perfect for me as is.

If you want to release some sort of limited API or something so we can add our own textures or costumes etc. that would be wonderful but if not - I am still so grateful to you for breaking the monopoly of those god awful lazy chibi characters :)\

The "animal head as helmet" is fine for me, since I would be doing animation editing for closeup speech anyway - wouldn't need the generic "talk" animation you provide :)

But yes, the "animal costume" type thing is the idea. I will fool around with it once you release it, basically see if I can get a Bullwinkle Moose and a Howard the Duck out of it :)

Thank you for being responsive, it means a lot!


And since I am making requests, what about the ability to make humanoids with true animal heads - cat, dog, duck, mouse, horse? Same basic bodies but say a variety of rigged heads of animals in somewhat toon style?

Hi, would you consider doing a prince charming / princess / ballroom gowns and similar pack? BIG dresses with bustles and puffy sleeves, little crowns and tiaras and so on? The stuff provided is all a bit plain and D&D ish tbqh. Great stuff and good content, but a little bit limited. Only a little. :)

They haven't shown up in past episodes but I will be using Aekashics freebies in this series. Credit for characters sprites is in the end credits as per guild rules.

Can you add a credit card option as well as PayPal please? :)

Female Dark Thief in use in my animated web series TIME TRAVELLER (R)

I am using this in my ongoing animated web series "Time Traveller" (R).

I found this resource extremely easy to load and use, perfectly animated and the style is lovely.

Highly recommended.

The finished animation (in sprite style not stop motion like past episodes) will be live at

when it is complete.

Other animations are at

Thanks for providing such a top tier resource at a reasonable price!