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The game was pretty good. Hope you make more horror games.

Bro this game was super scary and realistic. It made me feel goosebumps for the first time in my life. Also, the ending was brilliant and hilarious.

This game is really cool. I really like the fnaf feeling that I`m getting from this game. Great job.

The game is like a combination of Resident Evil and Puppet Combo games. The game is great can`t wait for the continuation.

Great game dude. Can`t wait for your next one and let`s hope the writing is better next time.

This horror game is pretty good. It kinda reminds me of Poppy Playtime in some parts of the game but I can`t wait for your next game. Also, I`m wishlisting this game now.

You don`t need to apologize man. It`s okay.

Great game man. It really made me scared especially the atmosphere.

One of the scariest Christmas horror games ever. 

Man, you're making the best horror games on this site. I can`t wait for your next game.

This game is super scary. The jumpscares, the atmosphere are terrifying. This game is a masterpiece. Good work.

Your welcome man wish you the best and to make more awesome games

This game is a masterpiece. On you don`t see many great free horror games but this game should be an example of what a free horror game can look like. THis game was great keep up the good work.

Hey man, this game is pretty good. I want to ask if the items are so well hidden intentionally because finding items in this game is really hard because it's very dark. I want also to ask if you're gonna make the game brighter or implement a flashlight in the game. Still, this game is pretty good and the jumpscares were kinda scary too.

This Game is Awesome. I wishlisteded in Steam and also left a link In my description so more people Wishlist. Can`t wait for the full release.

Great game I liked the atmosphere and the music was firee.

This game was really good. Better than the Smiling man game. I wish you the best and to make more games like this.

The atmosphere of this game was great and I liked the concept where when you stop your flashlight you teleport somewhere else. Good job.

I liked the atmosphere and the intense chase in the slide. Pretty good game.

You`re welcome.

The atmosphere and the jumpscares were chilling. Also, I liked the little puzzle in the end. One off the best horror games I`ve seen. Great job. Also made a video on it.

This game`s visuals are great. I really liked the atmosphere of this game, especially the loud sound effect when your climbing the basement stairs scared me. Pretty good game. Good job.

Hey, bro I really liked the atmosphere and style of your game. Also, the animations are so smooth too. Also, I made a video on it. Great job.

The atmosphere in this game was great. Also when the music started I thought that there was gonna be a jumpscare but there wasn`t. Still a pretty good psychological game.

The game was pretty good. Great job

The game was pretty cool. Can`t wait for future chapters. Made a video on it.

The game was pretty good. Loved the voice acting too. Also, I made a video on it.