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Would love to discuss what everyone believes this all means! 

I love everything about this game especially the music, so well done to the developers I hope you're really proud of what you've achieved! 

This game has so much potential!

I give my opinion on what needs to change to make this game even better and would love to know what the rest of you think! 

Great job on the creators though, you should be super proud! :) 

This was a really scary but charming game with fantastic sound and character design! The producers should be really proud! 

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Loved everything about this game! I really hope they will be creating more exactly like this. Plus did anyone else get the Twilight Zone vibes?

This is a really fun game and gives me a great feeling of nostalgia!

I mention a few of the things I would like to see improved but overall the game was really fun and you should all check it out! 

This was a really fun little game! It can get really addictive and a tiny bit rage inducing! There was one section I just couldn't get past but it didn't get in the way of me enjoying it! Let me know if you beat my score! 

I loved playing this game it's so adorable and I love the ending! 

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This is the most fun I've had on a game in a long time! It gets legitimately frustrating as the overseer for all the right reasons! Can't wait to see more levels! (I play superhot first in this video & then this amazing game!) 

I love this game! It's a fantastic balance between Hotline Miami and SWAT! I did find a random teleportation glitch! I hope someone can help explain how it happened haha! Overall a great experience :) (Apologise for awful thumbnail haha)

This was so adorable! The gameplay was simple and fun, plus the design of Godzilla is just so cute!

I also somehow managed to jump out of the map and I wasn't able to get back in! Did anyone else have this happen to them?

HAD SOME REALLY FUNNY GLITCHES HAPPEN IN THIS GAME! I should have really looked at the controls prior to playing it! However, there is something about this game that is so damn charming I couldn't help but fall in love with it! I hope the development team are really proud! 

(Glitches start about 5 Minutes in!)

Hope you beautiful people check it out! 

I really loved everything about this game! The best thing is the symbolism of the journey! What do you all think is actually happening here? Would love to hear your opinion!

Got it under 6 minutes!

I'm guessing I just got super lucky haha! I really liked this game it's so simple and super charming! Great job to the developers

Really fun game! Can anyone please let me know what I'm missing though? Feels like there's a lot more to do but I just didn't work it out!

Also!The policeman are the best!

This game was simply charming, with some great music and I have no idea why I felt genuinely sad with the ending! Great job to the developers :)

I went into this game really thinking I could work something out but I simply can't! Can you help me!?

I loved every moment of chapter two!
The instrument puzzle was simple and charming and the music was enticing!
So glad they are releasing more and I can't wait to see the story unfold!

I loved every moment of this chapter! The puzzle solution was so simple but in the most elegant way possible. I couldn't recommend this game enough! Would love to know your thoughts guys!

This was possibly the weirdest game I have ever played and I sort of love it!

This music is stuck in my head too and I bet it'll be stuck in yours!

I honestly don't know if this game is a horror, comedy, porn or just a pervert simulator! You need a good clean after playing this!

Really love the message in this game completely not what I expected! Make sure you check it out would love to hear what endings everyone else got!

Those fighting moves were just out of this world! Meaning, I've never seen moves like those EVER! I actually loved this game,

was super charming! Going to play Alone in the Dark now as tribute to this game!

no problem! Was fun to play honestly :)

I honestly don't know if this game is a horror, comedy, porn or just a pervert simulator! You need a good clean after playing this!

Just want to say well done to the developers of this game! It is an absolute pleasure to play and so satisfying when you finally work out the solution!

I loved this game and I can't wait to see it develop into an incredible game! Keep up the good work guys!

This game was fascinating and a great experience to play! Highly recommended!

Really fun game with a very unique mechanic! Loved that enemy design in this game too! Very Nostalgic haha!

Love what you guys do !

Found a really strange flying glitch in this game! But it only made the game even better!

There is a ton of potential for this game and I am really excited to see whats next!

I honestly have no idea how to describe this game! But I do want to say THANK YOU FOR MAKING IT

I love this game and I hope you can all Believe In Steve!