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There are:

Isometric: 45°, 35°, 30°

Top View

Side/freont View

And from these 5 camera points its possible to make sprites of 8 different angles


+1 on this

Now I made a simple table (4x4) and got the same sizes for similiar looking perspectives (perfect for me!)

So i made a primitive zylinder. When it was 1x1(editor grid), the sizes of the files were equal

I scaled it to 4x4 and got 4 different sizes for 8 directions (not evenly spread)

Hope that helps

Hello again,

I don't want want to be annoying or fussy, but when i'm making 2D sprites in an orthographic(45°) view and get the item from 8 perspectives, the _S and _E files look like mirrored, but the _E file is 1 pixel higher than the _S file (  i guess that stands for east and south? )
_N and _W are fine


Love your tool so far, I use it for 2D sprites, so my request would be to define the sprite size in pixels. I know it isn't easy because of the different perspectives, but maybe there is a viable approach!

If you need someone for testing these things I'm your man ;-)

If you make a front view 2D sprite there is on the upper and right border one line of unused/transparent pixels: