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amazing game loved the story for a short game did all the right things in all the right places happily recommended 

amazing game loved it cant wait to see more from you 

i loved this game the remake is so good shows so much horror its unreal i would recommend this to anyone who loves horror 

amazing game such amazing horror vibe would love to see more of this game 

amazing game you wouldnt even think its not finished love your games man you give amazing vibe with your games cant wait to try out more 

my god this game got me good I was speechless by that scare think the first was just like GET OUT OF MY ROOM but loved it one of the best horror indie games I have played in a long time 

love this game so much cant wait for this game to come out its got such a unique style its amazing I  recommend playing this 10000% if your not sure check out the video  

amazing game love this horror fact of spongebob kinda puts a real exe of it 10/10 for me i definitely play it again :D

amazing gameplay awesome jumpscares and the sound is incredible keep up the amazing work can't wait to see future games 😊

amazing game the horror atmosphere is amazing one of the best games I played

amazing game i cannot wait for part to 2 i bet its going to be epic 

absolutely one of the best games out there for a good scare and if your scifi fan too definitely worth to play and cannot wait for a full release 

i love this new update and you can choose after to do the other ending and the collectables are really nice i really enjoyed playing this game

loved the game thought it was a great game for a silly little horror game with a bit a scare with a mix a comedy i just loved it if you guys like to watch it starts at 21:45

i loved the game gave me a fair few jumpscares really fun  i wasnt able to complete it but what i did play was really good 

really enjoyed the game its a nice short horror game with scares in the right places 

loved this remake its so good i cant wait for the next update its going to be soo good 

loved the game i did both endingings loved both as a short horror concept really did keep up the amazing work if you like to watch my gameplay the game starts at 5:00

thought the game was really good not sure what happened with my thumbnail don't ask but the game was really good 

sharks are scary 

loved this game so much felt like ratman cant die tho but i really loved everything about it the game starts 5:00

short and sweet dunno why i kept going on about the big tvs haha

hey best game ever i thought the collectibles was a really nice touch on this and gives a really nice vibe but scary all at the same time thank you so much for getting in touch with me to show me your amazing work 10/10 for me my dude 

loved the game makes you feel like what would happen if you trying to make noodles in a haunted house the game starts at 6:35 if you like to see the video :)

i really enjoyed the factor the monster teasing you just until the end just loved it amazing game

this game put me in sense of safety then it all changed loved this games such a amazing concept  

love the game and the whole concept of it  was really fun and creepy in a sense  but for some reason it bugged on me on the gate but other than that it was a amazing game i hope to see more amazing work from you 

loved this game really well made for a game made less in a day i really enjoyed playing it :) 

such a interesting game with a twist loved it so much cant wait to see more games like this 

really loved this game monkey threw me off killed him once biggest mistake ever but recommend this game to anyone 10/10 

it just felt like a whole new experience like someone was following me from the camera  the way it was just loved it the game is the second game playing if u like to see the video 

loved this game loved the factor you had to used the phone at fist to see the monster but the ending cracked me up loved it 10/10

love this game very well made that its got 2 endings i was trying to find more but no luck but still love this game so much i hope to see more from you 10/10 from me :) 

Its ok buddy keep up the amazing work love to see more of your games 😊

loved the game more towards the end when the game truly begins think i almost died on last puzzle but for me 10/10

really enjoyed the demo i hope to see a full game i jumped off my seat a few times :) 

loved the game very unique gameplay loved to see more games from you 10/10 keep the amazing work  

awesome game love the concept of the whole game this be a scary for a child or not 

i loved the game i wasnt able to make to the end but i do love the concept of this game 10/10