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i really enjoy this use of decker, thank you.

another piece, a stream of consciousness, a blog post from a blog i follow via rss and recommend:

choosing where you reside online, and finding things out for yourself.

As with many NYT articles, I find its "thesis" a little trite, but the intent is something that resonates:

this is absolutely wonderful, thank you

Thank you so much!

And credit where credit is due: we were emulating the awesome fishing mechanic from Moonstone Island. They just recently released, so if you enjoyed it here, definitely check their game out!

Hello! Quick dev note: because this was such an ambitious project, we still have some bugs to squash! Give us a few days to iron out the kinks and we'll be sure to have you finishing the game in no time. Thank you for playing!

super duper cute, great work!

oh heck yeah

this game is absurdly fun, great work!

Congratulations! And THANK YOU for writing these games!

Kagi Small Web

(also has links to more work in this vein!)

this one came from tom scott's wonderful newsletter, here's some map men talking about inverting your thoughts when it comes to which way is up:

It's been a long time since I've visited this page or this game. I saw this map, and I think it nestles in very sweetly with what my intention was here:

recent blog post about the internet and ai and feudalism and suburbification of the net:

(not as much of a downer as that summary sounds)

I really love the art style!!

Very intrigued to see where this goes. It's incredibly stylish! Great work so far!

This was really solid! Would love to see a longer game like this from you.

i thought there must be an oasis but until this devlog i couldn't figure out how!

rest well! you're a powerhouse!

This is so very kind. Thank you. I'm so glad it resonated.

This game was so much fun - and summarizing it to people without context is even more fun hahah

This is super cool!


the lists of things that do and don't make trixi lose morale are cracking me up omigosh

very excited to see how this mechanic plays out in the game!

ooooh i hope you develop this more, it's super sick. it made me nostalgic for playing browser games at the library!

good luck! this sounds really neat!

this is very peaceful!

ruminations on the shortcomings of discord:

i am particularly struck by this comment:

"Ehh, I don’t want my stuff saved. Anything that truly matters to me is not on Discord, including stuff that originated on Discord. It’s easy enough to make backups as you go and I’d rather not leave a paper trail I have no control of that persists until the end of time. You might want to live forever, but I don’t. Just let me enjoy myself in the moment and then evaporate my data when I’m gone."

(apologies for archiving your comment, stranger, but i left you anonymous)

thank you for this

this short manifesto zine offers paths forward from the place where my own manifesto was speaking from not quite a year ago:

Sure! It's up now. Hope you enjoy!

I hope you enjoy! This was the first game I made so it's cool to see people are still interested in it ^^

sure! it should be up now.

i can't believe you made a movie in bitsy

what on earth

this is a joy

these are so excellent!!

as you should be!! it was super impressive, especially because i know custom stuff like that can be a PAIN to really get right

This is looking really promising! That lightning effect was so good that I had to scroll back to watch it again ^^

another's reflections on the tech industry of now vs the past:

a podcast about the cloud and it's physical costs:

this is super cool!