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this looks awesome!

thank you so much PC!! the secret honk is v important ;o)

thank you so much sasha!!!!!

this made me laugh way harder than it had any right to

That's so exciting! I'd love to hear how it goes if they share it with their students ^^

this is precisely how i feel about potatoes

oh this gave me such a rush of nostalgia

Definitely looking forward to seeing more of your work!

what a joyous little zine!

Thank you for this experience <3

HAH! i can relate to that - i've been very fortunate to work with some artists on my most recent games and that has been a LIFESAVER

regardless, excited to see more of your art!

i love the look of these screenshots wow!

now to see when others are online >:)

Oh this was quite a good time

now i want to try that falafel wrap

Incredibly incredibly cool!! I hope to see even more collabs like this in the future! <3

ah! hello kumada - what a lovely surprise! thank you so much for checking this out and the very kind review ^^

oh that's extremely exciting!

I'm really fascinated with this world and with the format you're using. The art and music is lovely. I hope you're still developing it!

Sidenote, found something odd when asking about people with the innkeeper: 

I hope that's helpful to you!

every SINGLE one of these is a DELIGHT goodness gracious

oh this is such a darling addition!!

"Left-Hand Song" is the favorite one I've generated so far - really fun premise and presentation

Thrilled to hear that! Excited to see the ending of the game c;

(1 edit)

Got it! Since it's a popup it won't let me copy-paste but I've got screenshots:

I'm playing on a Macbook with Catalina on Chrome - it very well may be on my end! It happened at the exact same spot too.

I'll see if I can replicate it! I had a little popup screen saying a specific error code happened

"...and being just a little bit mysterious." well now I am intrigued

I like being a messy lil shape!

This is so cool I'm so glad this exists!!!!

Unfortunately it crashed right when I was about to go to the overlook! Love the visuals

is there any way to set a flag? i'm already bad at minesweeper so that'd be incredibly helpful!

oh this looks like a joy!!

I'll see what I can do! I'm on Chrome on an old macbook pro so it's probably just my elderly computer hahaha

For some reason I can't get it to play on mac! Just a blank red rectangle

I'm so excited!!! Just in time for my bday ;)

this made my brain hurt! great!

i gotta stop or i'm just gonna keep going hahaha

I gotta admit, I was just vibing until "Balance achieved!" showed up on my screen hahaha I clicked in without fully reading the description (3AM will do that to ya) and was like ooooh rhythms and management okay yes let's go!

A fun little experience! What led you to making it?

I can also balance it with these selected:

hmm! (spoilers i guess??) does this mean I achieved balance with 9?