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Glad to hear you like it! Evil Genius was a clear inspiration, along with the X-com games. 30 day time limit on game development forced me to limit the features of the game considerably, though. I hope to find more interesting ways to use the AGS engine in the future!

Glad you liked it! The music is from http://incompetech.com/ so if you liked the soundtrack, give their site a look!

Hey there! Sorry to say but Infection 2 as a project was pretty much shelved some time between 2008-2010. The old artwork for the project was lost over time and while I still have the design documents, the fact is that the project was far too ambitious for a small dev like myself. Infection 2 may, possibly, get made some day, but as a far smaller game than I originally planned it to be. When that day may be, even I don't know.

Happy to hear you liked it!

Keep an eye out around December / January, I am working on a second edition of Gnrblex, with new puzzles, extended story, full voice acting and some new music, all freeware, of course! :)

Hey man,

Sorry, but I can't really help you here. This might be some compatibility issue with the game engine and the Itch app, but I don't have control over either of the two.

I can only recommend downloading the .zip of the game, extracting that and running the game from there directly. Hope you get it running! :)

Glad you liked it, and thanks for the video! Its fun to see someone actually play the game. :)

Not a bug. ;) Try doing the classic adventure game thing: use everything on everything. You have something in your inventory that you need to use.