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I went over the code and figured out what was causing the issue you encountered. I just released a new version, which you can download from the game page, which should resolve the bug.

Thanks for letting me know! If this happens, you can press P, as instructed in the readme document, to try and reload the action buttons. Sorry for the trouble, I'll try to get a patched version up for download soon.

Glad to hear you like it! Evil Genius was a clear inspiration, along with the X-com games. 30 day time limit on game development forced me to limit the features of the game considerably, though. I hope to find more interesting ways to use the AGS engine in the future!

Glad you liked it! The music is from so if you liked the soundtrack, give their site a look!

Hey there! Sorry to say but Infection 2 as a project was pretty much shelved some time between 2008-2010. The old artwork for the project was lost over time and while I still have the design documents, the fact is that the project was far too ambitious for a small dev like myself. Infection 2 may, possibly, get made some day, but as a far smaller game than I originally planned it to be. When that day may be, even I don't know.

Happy to hear you liked it!

Keep an eye out around December / January, I am working on a second edition of Gnrblex, with new puzzles, extended story, full voice acting and some new music, all freeware, of course! :)

Hey man,

Sorry, but I can't really help you here. This might be some compatibility issue with the game engine and the Itch app, but I don't have control over either of the two.

I can only recommend downloading the .zip of the game, extracting that and running the game from there directly. Hope you get it running! :)

Glad you liked it, and thanks for the video! Its fun to see someone actually play the game. :)

Not a bug. ;) Try doing the classic adventure game thing: use everything on everything. You have something in your inventory that you need to use.