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Thank you so much for your kind words! We're really happy that you had fun playing it, and thanks for recording some sweet footage for us!:) you're article is very sweet, it's an honor to be featured on your blog! 

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Hey everybody, we're a small 2 person game dev studio made of 1 artist and 1 coder! For 7DRL we made a realtime coffeebreak roguelite called Dealing with Demons. As the name implies, it's about making deals with demons, sacrificing aspects of your character's stats and abilities to gain new powers. We managed to basically get everything we wanted into this version of the game, so it's complete! 

Watch the gameplay video about generously recorded by Indiependent for us, and go to the link below to download the game for Windows:) We'd definitely appreciate any feedback you have to give, since although we consider this version complete we'd like to keep adding to it and release a more content-rich version for iOS and other platforms in the future. Please enjoy, and thanks for stopping by!

Dealing with Demons - Download

We’re really glad you enjoyed our game!:) and thanks very much for the video, it was a joy watching somebody play it! You did really well, it took me (the artist) a solid 10-15 playthroughs to actually beat it.