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Gimme this, now.

Why does this have VR tag when it's not for VR? I really wanted to try this in VR but was very sad when it didn't work.

When I move my character in VR (TouchPad), the character on my PC moves as well. Any fixes for that?

When will a save feature be implemented?

Both Windows 10 32bit and 64bit gives me the same error

*Failed to load mono*

Everything is extracted and I've tried running it in administrator mode as well.

Everything is nice about this game except when an item just accidentally vanishes because you line it up. Maybe add a bit more delay or some click function for when an item is in place. That way it won't vanish by mistake. Brilliant game!

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I did a video of this, and it was so much fun! I wish you could drag the camera around when you're in Vive though! ^^

I would love this game but man I ain't got no funds. Give it to me. For free. Now. I need it. PS: Best trailer ever.

I really want to try it when it's out!

This game is good! Very good! I'd love for the developer to continue working on this!

Build Town_Data is missing from the download? I can't play this but I'd very much like to!