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We've had a good long chance to sit down with this one and loved it. It also just so happens to be inspired by games we're big fans of here, so there's a lot here we can give praise to, from the graphics to the audio and even the core gameplay loop. If only the days could be just a teensy bit longer (perhaps an upgrade?). We'd love to see this expanded upon in the future!

Thank you very much, glad you enjoyed! Considerable amounts of experience playing LSD Dream Emulator helped to get the feeling of it in there (especially insistence on the footsteps, for one). There's much more material in the dream journal referenced for this, so there are plans to expand on this significantly in the future. Given what we've seen of Osamu Sato's works, his journal definitely sounds like an interesting read, so we'll be needing to check that out as well.

From the looks of things, you could make and submit anything, but to be able to include it in the next Zium, it would have to fit the given criteria. Agreed, if someone had that in mind, it would have been good to know up front. If you still want to add it to the jam, I believe you still can while it's open. By the way, looks good.

It's like having killer reflexes without actually having to execute said killer reflexes yourself, so there's time for strategy. This is a great compatible "incompatible" combo of genres. The art and audio are excellent, but the font rendering was slightly hard to read for some words such as "Attack", "Climhazzard", and "Quick", at least when we were playing, though it's still readable. Overall, we're glad to see something like this show up in LD41, and look forward to what you'll be coming up with next.

Thank you for visiting, we're glad you were interested in our exhibits and with our choices for materials.