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A member registered Jun 17, 2022

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So It went form

The baby in yellow 

White rabbit update

Bedtime stories update 

Black cat update

And when the game updates it feels like a whole new game.

The black cat teaser somewhat  looks like  you a the baby survived a blizzard

When will the new update come out

can you just add the pc version

Add Zip. Please

For The New Update  Here Is What The Soul Counter Should Be:

2 Souls: Big Head

4 Souls: Ultra Low Definition

6 Souls: Toy Box

8 Souls: Black & White

10 Souls: Hats

12 Souls: Doctor's Gift

15 Souls: Outfits

18 Souls: Invisible Pen

20 Souls: Babylirious  Chapter

25 Souls: Mods


Anyways I Like Your Game!