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the game crashes when the ai spawn first. It also crashes when i set the spawn time to 20

When will be the beta 6 released?

This is the most awesome game I've ever played in my entire life!!! I played like 10 minutes in this game and i would like to add something.

1. More weapons, more vehicles like planes, melee i mean you use your hand to kill red guys, and a weapon customization which is you can equip scopes, laser sights, grenade launchers etc.

2. Multiplayer please do add multiplayer or maybe lan, so we can play with our friend in this game, but please make the game offline if you add multiplayer. Because we do not have internet connection, thats why i like offline games.

3. Improved Huds maybe a mini map or a scoreboard.

4. Add more gamemode's like bomb defuse, defend the area, something like that.

5. Better Ai i think you should improved the ai on how they move, react on a one place. Or something like an AI difficulty.

Thats all i can think for now, but here are some extra things.

Weapon inspection

Character customization

Improved graphics (not the shadows or textures, like add clouds motion blur etc)

Choosing sides. Red or Blue.

More maps, add big maps too

A better main menu hud, something like that.

And i map builder, which is you can create maps.

Sorry if my english is bad... Please just make the game free to play, because i dont have money to but steam games, like it cost 500-2000pesos (i live in the philippines).

I really like your game. I hope you will add more features to the game. 10/10