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wasn’t expecting much but the graphics on top of the atmosphere gave the game a nice touch

Super Solid horror game! Jump scares, lore, locked doors and puzzles cant get better than that.
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This game has everything a good horror game should have. Highly recommend you play. 

The bathroom scene 😂😂 love it 

Imagine watching a stream similar to this game!
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The Most innovative game on 

Never eating leftovers again!

Top Quality game Dev 8/10

Top Notch Game Dev I recommend y’all play this game 🌏

These are the type of games that I have the most fun with. If it's weird im all for it!

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Michael stabbed me and I’m still alive??

The Voice acting and the characters in this game made it an absolute Gem. Awesome Job dev 

Didnt expect that to happen lol the house decor top notch

Didnt expect that too happen!

Let’s go! This is the opposite of sleep paralysis lol Enjoyed the game Dev 

That ending Thooo!!!! 

short and sweet with a great ambiance to it! 

Still one of my favorite games I’ve played 

Enjoyed each character’s dialogue and interactions!

Each neighbor had a weird vibe to them. They really made the game more dynamic 

super polished game didn’t get any bugs dev

I love a slow paced horror game that gives the player a slight  build up of what’s to come! 

Now that’s what I call a game! Keep going Dev

The guy in the woods has a mind of his on. Game starts @15:42

With a Good mox of visuals and concept I really enjoyed this one. Game starts @6:47

There’s a new chucky show too! 


Chucky always trying to stab people 

That boy Buff! 

Now this is what I’m talking about! 

mr. tomatos is about to go on my BLT Sandwich 

I enjoyed your game fam. My favorite character was hammy. Game starts at 5:33

 This game is legit people 

The art style mixed with the dialogue and simple controls make this game something special! 

Anytime you mix Guns and Spongebob characters together you know it’ll be a good time. Amazing Game Dev 

Honestly one of the most solid games I’ve played on this website. Great Job Dev

The boy be camping! I played both modes were fun to play. Good game developer.

Supreme Game dev didn’t find any bugs or glitches fam 

Played this game @15:31 and The visuals alone are fantastic developer. I can see this getting to the top spot soon. 

played this for my 3 Scary games @1:13 Definitely add more action commands when you get close to objects. Spent a lot of time on the first door trying to get into the room with the bodies. But the atmosphere is dope