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Thank you very much ^^ I wish I got around to animating and coding them in :/ this is what I ended up with ^^

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Update 5

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The plan is a small isometric top-down shooter with goals of at least two monster types, stretch goals of one mini-boss and interchangeable weapons. Because I'm basic ^^

So far I've been putting my more rambly updates on my blog But I'm going to keep this for noticeable, keep-it-brief, kind of updates.

The story is.

The future of humanity is bright, scientists have eliminated cancer, the state has done away with war and begun colinizing the furthers stars; yet the greatest challenge to planet remains just beneath our feet. As mankind's toxic waste and general filth has collected in the sewers new threats have evolved in the darkness, and you are part of earth's collection most elite warriors, The Sewer Patrol! *cue cheesy theme song*. Keeping peace and order among the mutant population and dealing out Sewer Justice to the villainous underbelly of the under-city.

You a Zombie and you have to shoot the aliens, I guess some alien tech crashed into you making you/regenerate after being crushed so now you're undead. You need to get past all the aliens to clock in to work on time. Because by god you've worked there 13 years without being late once and you're not going to start now, even if it's over your dead body.

So far I have a circle that can shoot another circle with circles and the second circle gets smaller.

I'm just going to post links to my blog because it's efficient.