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Oh cool, thanks for the review!

I love how it feels like I'm solving a riddle, trying to choose the right words to say that'll keep me from becoming soup! So many bad ends (unless you're into vore lol) but wedding end is my favorite >U<

I'm interested in what the final version will look like, but I love the line-y aesthetic and the narrator just cracks me up!

Interesting premise - I wonder what this would look like given more time. I always love me some space revolts and social tension!

I love the pacing - slowly building up the tension and then BOOM, cliffhanger ending! More, please!

I really love the aesthetic - pure, simple, and elegant - that really ties together this re-imagining of a classic legend. There are some ups and downs, but I'm so grateful for the happy ending!

It's such a beautiful, mysterious story told through diary entries. The artwork is gorgeous, and the diary reads like it was actually written by a real child - so cute, and so heartbreaking! Even with multiple endings, I still choose to believe in the One True Ending in which Selene is happy.

I like the use of character foils to get across such a sweet, heartwarming tale in the post-apocalypse. I hope to see more from you and your gf in the future!

I think it's interesting to watch this world building play out across this game and The Sixth Prison - there's so many questions I have, and I can't wait for the next one!

I'm a big fan of contrasting characters, cute graphics, and sweet storytelling. Super clever and playful adventures on every route. My favorite line: "MOO."

I'm always a sucker for cute couples and space penguins...even if before this, I had never come across space penguins lol...

Ohisashi's sprites are amazing btw - hope to see more collabs on Asterism in the future!

Such a cute little story - so much contrast between the characters, and yet they interact so well together! As always, I want MOAR! :)