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As a femboy myself, I appreciate the representation, however I have to agree with others that it goes too far in portraying the characters as basically indistinguishable from women with she/her pronouns and being drawn as flat-chested girls with bulges under their skirts. I could be wrong, but it doesn't feel like there was much in-depth research on what actual femboys are like. Maybe Japanese crossdressers are different, but most femboys like myself still go by he/him pronouns and generally aren't crossdressing 24/7 (either because it's unsafe, or because it takes a lot of effort to keep up appearances.)

Obviously, it's just meant to be a cute dating sim for those who enjoy femboys, and in that regard it's pretty good. I'm assuming that's what most of the playerbase is looking for, not an in-depth look into real-life femboy struggles, and I'm not going to disparage anyone for liking what they like. However, just in terms of representation it does feel a bit strange, so I'm hoping more femboy games are made in the future to explore that aspect.

The lovers and friends endings are a bit hard to get, lovers requires a bit of luck and friends requires you to be intentionally platonic lol

Renpy web version is notoriously buggy, so if it doesn't work in the browser you can always download it for free, or try a different browser. For me, it works on Chrome

thanks! getting all 4 endings is a bit hard due to the rng and the balance between flirting with him every 2 seconds and telling him to buzz off for daring to dare you

and yea, i made this game specifically for "realistic" femboy representation on itch, that doesnt cast us as sex objects or involve the tired forced feminization trope

Oh cool, thanks for the review!

I love how it feels like I'm solving a riddle, trying to choose the right words to say that'll keep me from becoming soup! So many bad ends (unless you're into vore lol) but wedding end is my favorite >U<

I'm interested in what the final version will look like, but I love the line-y aesthetic and the narrator just cracks me up!

Interesting premise - I wonder what this would look like given more time. I always love me some space revolts and social tension!

I love the pacing - slowly building up the tension and then BOOM, cliffhanger ending! More, please!

I really love the aesthetic - pure, simple, and elegant - that really ties together this re-imagining of a classic legend. There are some ups and downs, but I'm so grateful for the happy ending!

It's such a beautiful, mysterious story told through diary entries. The artwork is gorgeous, and the diary reads like it was actually written by a real child - so cute, and so heartbreaking! Even with multiple endings, I still choose to believe in the One True Ending in which Selene is happy.

I like the use of character foils to get across such a sweet, heartwarming tale in the post-apocalypse. I hope to see more from you and your gf in the future!

I think it's interesting to watch this world building play out across this game and The Sixth Prison - there's so many questions I have, and I can't wait for the next one!

I'm a big fan of contrasting characters, cute graphics, and sweet storytelling. Super clever and playful adventures on every route. My favorite line: "MOO."

I'm always a sucker for cute couples and space penguins...even if before this, I had never come across space penguins lol...

Ohisashi's sprites are amazing btw - hope to see more collabs on Asterism in the future!

Such a cute little story - so much contrast between the characters, and yet they interact so well together! As always, I want MOAR! :)