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Weston McNamara

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Fun little game! Well done!

Ahh incredible! Thank you!

Title ^^

Sorry you didnt like it ):

Is there anything in specific that you didnt enjoy so I can learn from it?

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Merci pour ton gentil commentaire (:

Je suis tres heureux que tu as aimé ca!!!

Thank you!!! That really means a lot to me :D

Very fun! I loved the building tension, and the nice graphics. Driving was fun too.

I think the bag collection stretches on a bit too long. I found myself getting a bit bored near the end. Maybe some other activities/quests could have been put in there aswell? But I understand there are time constraints, so really not a big deal.

Cat jumpscare made me jump out of my chair. Very good job!

Thanks! :D

Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you!

Thank you!!

Thank you for playing it!! (:

Thank you for the feedback and for playing the game! Much love!

The style and graphics are really really cool, and the messages in the game are something that I didnt see in any other game I played which really made it unique and interesting.

I think the music that almost sounds like a trap beat didnt fit as well as it could with some of the messages in the game, but it sounds good regardless. The controls are simple, and easy to use. I enjoyed it a lot!

Sorry about the collider bug ):

This is really awesome. The atmosphere created in this is so cool, and when it switches to the section where the mannequins are everywhere, and the spider is running around the game is just terrifying. Hearing the relaxing, kinda sad music playing while looking around, and watching these mannequins come to life is really awesome!! So much potential.

My only complaint is the objectives. Finding the objective pieces is really intuitive IMO, and sometimes you die to the spider in ways that are unfair and bugged. Other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Really cool stuff!

Thank you for the feedback! I really appreciate it! If you do end up deciding to go back and play it, heres a hint for finding the candies: Trick or treat at every house (:

Cool little game!

The art is pretty nice, but I would have liked a couple more levels though. Also, I was trying to click the up arrow key to jump, which is a bit intuitive that it isnt.

Good stuff!

Gotcha! Thanks for the feedback!

That was amazing haha. Great work.

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Great work! Really great first project you have here. Lots of potential. Keep it up! (:

I was genuinely really scared and tense going down into the basement, and when I had to go back down with the flashlight, I was really nervous, and startled by the man you see through the window.

My fear was killed though when I saw the monster. It just stands there, and looks a bit comical, which ruined the fear and immersion for me. I think the enemy should be shown less.

The game was REALLY scary up until the monster was shown, so I guess my TLDR for advice would be show the monster less, and keep building tension (which this game does REALLY well)

Great work!